Can someone please tell me if my resume is well-written?


A diligent, detail-oriented Secretary knowledgeable in all office functions, with a solid background in the healthcare field. Excellent at multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment, completing projects and meeting deadlines. Superior telephone, customer service, and computer skills with proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and Power Point. Furthermore, my strong leadership abilities, self-motivation, and pro-team work approach will prove to be an asset to this organization.


• 3 yrs. of administrative experience in a health care setting, handling multi-faceted clerical tasks.

• Exceptional ability to communicate effectively with staff, patients, and public.

• Ability to translate from English to Spanish.

• Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Type 40 w.p.m.

• Remarkable ability to collect data and keep accurate records.

• Demonstrated positive leadership by diligently serving the needs of our clients.

• First Aid/CPR certified from American Red Cross


Bachelor’s of Arts- Psychology California State University Dominguez Hills


Residential Treatment Facility, Bayfront Youth and Family Services

Unit Secretary, 2006- Present

• Greeted visitors and provided administrative support to departments.

• Faxed and filed court documents, made copies, and prepared memos.

• Managed nursing unit for 29 patients. Scheduled appointments and maintained records. Billing.Verified Medi-cal eligibility.

• Served as a liaison between nurses, doctors, and administration staff.

• Prepared monthly and quarterly reports and work schedules for staff.

• Establish, maintain, and update files, databases, records.

Psychiatric Hospital, Kedren Community Mental Health Center

Case Manager- Children’s Outpatient, 2005-2006

• Worked with at-risk youth and their families to help minimize defiant behavior youth were exhibiting.

• Translated for Spanish speaking clients. Completed progress notes in clients charts.

• Counseled individuals and families and provided information and referrals.

• Developed relationships with representatives in other agencies to support individuals in attaining services in housing, education, medical, and mental health.

Level 14 Group Home H.V. Group Home, Inc.

Youth Counselor, 2004-2005

• Supervised at-risk risk youth in a residential treatment facility. Promoted the safety and well-being of probation youth ages 11-18 yrs. of age.

• Counseled youth regarding social skills, behavior, and anger management.

Mckinney-Jenkins Behavior Programs, Inc.

Program Assistant, 2003-2004

• Worked with individuals with developmental disabilities. Clients taken into community so they could become more independent and involved within the community.

• Assisted with developing Treatment Plans for the clients. Assisted with helping client’s work towards goals such as seeking employment, communication skills, and basic living skills.

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    It's good but edit out the top part before qualifications. You can change it to "Objective: To earn a job in (whatever)..." Or, have a "skills" section and use phrases, not sentences.

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    Besides setting all margins to 1", the most important criteria for setting up a professional resume besides relevant text, is "scanability." Here are some helpful tips: 1. Place just below your identification header [your hame, address, phone, email address] any Conditional Warning Statement such as "Confidential Resume,"Do Not Contact Current Employer," etc. 2. Always fill-in an Objectives category [just below the Conditional Warning Statement] and make sure that he Objective will contribute to the profitability of your future employer; 3. Select a mono-type font such as Helvetica, Arial, Courier or Times Roman; do not select any cursive handwriting styles which cannot scanned; 4. Keep font sizes within a range of 10 to 12 pts.; 5. Avoid styling text with a justified alignment, keep it flushed left; 6. Instead of using tabs to set up blocked text entries, generate a table and use the column and row settings accordingly; 7. Do not place an i.d. picture anywhere on the resume, this is a major taboo due to discrimination issues; 8. Do not place any graphic text [saved as .gifs] onto the resume since it may be overlooked during the scanning phase; 9. List at the very end of the resume your interests which should include travel experiences, language skills, social interactions such as golf, team sports, tennis, etc. In conclusion, the above helpful hints were designed to allow ease of scanning of your resume into PDF which can then be text captured for seach purposes by your potential employer. If the original resume was created in Word, WordPerfect or Mac Appleworks, it can be Saved As a PDF file which then can be saved as an email attachment. Otherwise, you can simply use a scanner and scan a hard copy of the resume and then save as a PDF file. Failure to conform the resume to appropriate fonts and styles as outlined above will result in rejection of the resume simply due to the inability of the scanning device to properly index relevant resume entries. Good luck!

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    "Secretary" - substitute with "administrative assistant" or "assistant administrator"

    Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Type 40 w.p.m. - delete; this is redundant

    Remarkable ability to collect data and keep accurate records. Delete - there's nothing remarkable about being able to keep accurate records. It's a basic requirement of all office jobs.

    Faxed and filed court documents, made copies, and prepared memos - delete, sounds too basic. Better to say "managed medical and legal documents."

    Overall, I would review for redundancies. As a hiring manager, when I see this I think that the applicant is padding her resume by repeating things. Since you have a BS in psychology, I would delete some of the repeating items and highlight your coursework and your contact with clients. You might get hired as an administrative person but the hiring manager will know that you have much more to offer.

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    Your resume is good. I like the combination format and it seems targeted toward the position you are seeking. One thing I noticed is that you have your computer skills in both your profile and your qualifications. I would just put it in one or the other, but not both. I think it works best in your qualificaitons. Another suggestion would be to make your job descriptions more accomplishment oriented. It really seems like you have spent a lot of time on this. I think the resume should get your foot in the door as is.

    Source(s): Recent grad. I've read every resume article monster has to offer.
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    A few too many "ability"s in the qualifications category.

    Demonstrated positive leadership by diligently serving the needs of our clients. <--I have no idea what that means.

    40 wpm is pretty crap, I'd take that out.

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