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where can i find a ukulele chord chart for the tuning of DGBE?

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  • Mike
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    1 decade ago
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    The easiest (and probably cheapest) is to use any of the available guitar chord charts that you can find -- I'l explain why.

    This is (DGBE) the normal tuning for baritone ukuleles. They are tuned the same as the top four strings on a guitar (in standard tuning). A guitar is normally tuned EADGBE from lowest to highset (an if you are right handed from the strings closest to the sky to the strings closest to the floor). So the baritone is the same as the guitar XXDGBE (XX being the two strings you don't have).

    With a guitar chord chart you just omit the strings you don't have (normally numbered strings 5 & 6). So a C major chord (in first position) on a guitar is 032010 omit the strings you don't have and you end up with XX2010. Another example is the G Major chord -- 320003 omit the strings you don't have and you end up with XX0003.

    As an additional point of interest -- these exact same shapes (C) 2010 and (G) 0003 can also be used on a standard tuned ukulele (GCEA). The new chord names, though, are F and C respectively.

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