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Anyone else sick to death of Jay Leno?

i hate how NBC plans on giving his old time slot back just because he is doing bad in the ratings. Why do they bend over backwards for this guy? He should be grateful they gave him his stupid 10pm time slot when they should have just kicked him to the curve. Conan shouldn't have to put up with this, he's the best thing NBC has, the man's a genius and shouldnt have to be living in Jay's shadow

Update 2:

@ Deborah: Jay's show doesnt appeal TO ANY age set..and sorry you dont get Conan's humor

Update 3:

im just posting vids in case those of you don't know who the man is

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    Yes! The man was only ever funny as a standup 20 or so years ago, and has never been a good or funny host. He's a terrible interviewer. I could never watch his version of the tonite show because he talks over people, that's when he lets them talk at all. If they get rid of Conan I'll just go back to not watching Jay again. Life is too short to watch bad unfunny TV.

    By the way, it isn't true that Johnny Carson chose Leno to replace him at all. It was a famous scandal, Jay actually pushed Johnny into retirement and Johnny never forgave him. Johnny appeared on Letterman several times after he left the Tonite show and even wrote jokes for Dave. Carson never appeared on Jay's show and never forgave him for stealing his show. Johnny Carson preferred Dave. This is all common knowledge, there was even a book and a movie about it a few years back, called the late shift. Look it up.

    Jay was the one who chose to retire and now he's changed his mind. This whole mess is about his ego. He should stick to his word. Jay has always been a selfish backstabber who pretends to be a nice guy. Conan is very funny and doesn't deserve to be treated like this. NBC and Leno have no class.

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    I agree that Conan is a comedic genius. I love him. And he is awesome at maintaining an interview with the most difficult of guests and making it funny. Kudos to him. While I was always a fan of Jay Leno, I think he needs to go. He announced he was retiring 5 years ago and said that Conan would be replacing him. Conan moves cross country with his family and in my opinion, has done WONDERFUL on the Tonight Show. Now Jay comes back with a rather lame show before Conan's show and it just seems like he is still trying to compete with Conan. And sitting in that chair without his desk is so awkward. As for Jimmy Fallon, I liked him on SNL and I do think he can be funny, but just not talk-show host material. If they make Conan go back to his old time slot, they better pay him the big bucks for it. Or perhaps another network will pick him up. Yes, Conan is the best thing NBC has got and they better realize that.

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    I don't understand the problem. NBC made a stupid decision to scramble the shows it did not work. I don't think it has anything to do with which is better it is who you like better. The one I like better will be the one that picks up their marbles goes home and tells NBC to shove it. That will be the man that is secure enough in his talent to know he can do better. So man up Jay or Conan move on to another channel and let your fans keep watching you both and tell NBC the war is over! We might not all like you both but we would respect one of you. The one that allows NBC to keep jerking them around better learn how to swim because NBC is sinking fast.

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    NBC is the one to blame mainly for this whole err.. Situation. But Leno seems oblivious that just because he changed his mind since 2004 (when he said he would retire in 2009) he will just go along with NBC in screwing Conan and Fallon.

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  • WHAT?!?! I love Jay Leno's comedy, but he does need to get off tv!

    Honestly, people are just tired of him, but he's still funny and has always been funny and will continue to be funny. He just NEEDS to get off off tv completely for a long time. I think he would do excellent writing scripts of some sort, so that he will still be using his comic genius.

    Oh yeah, just so you know, Conan O'Brien AND "30 ROCK" are the nest things NBC has to offer.

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    I love Jay, but I love Conan more and I don't think they should have even messed with the line-up in the first place. But since they did, why aren't they getting rid of Jimmy Fallon? I like Fallon, but he's just not funny. I could totally see him on MTV or something.

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    I hate Jay. All he does is make fun of other people whereas Conan has some humor to it. Then Jay had to be a little pu$$y and hold out for more money because he thinks he is as good as Oprah. I'm just happy Conan is on earlier though, but there are so many other better people that could have replaced Jay.

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    I can't stand Leno. Most are sick to death of him and if NBC lets him back at the Tonight Show they're going to lose viewers. That's just not right or fair to Conan. I hope Conan moves to FOX. Leno's a bore and he steals most of his material.

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    I don't even know why he has a show. I don't usually watch late night talk shows, and I deeply regret watching 1 episode of Jay Leno. I've seen Conan, who I agree should stay on. Is Jay Leno supposed to be a comedian? The only thing funny about him is that horrid chin of his.

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    Honestly, Conan O'Brien hasn't been funny since he wrote for the Simpsons 15 years ago and even then he wasn't all that great. Jay Leno was a fantastic replacement for Johnny Carson and O'Brien simply is out of his league. Leno worked his behind off for years and was chosen BY JOHNNY CARSON as his replacement. He remained a host of TTS for 17 years for good reason. He knew when to be funny, when to be serious, what questions to ask, what was off limits, and still worked his behind off day in and day out on TTS to keep it one of the best late night shows out there. When he retired, I stopped watching, not only because O'Brien will never compare, but because they lost a great comedian when he chose to end it. While I can agree that his new show is just not the same, Leno is still a stellar showman.

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