How could I locate a Messianic Jewish Synagogue in my area?

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I am in Ft. Smith, Ark.
Update : The term means a Jew who has come to see the truth of Jesus. Really. Just more
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Try the yellow pages. If that doesn't work try searching for list of Messianic congregations online. I have seen several different list and you may have to search all of them to find one. Many of these congregations come and go, split up , reform and rename and many of these list are not up to date.

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Finally! Someone who can answer a question without blathering on and on about their messed up beliefs.
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  • marcuss answered 4 years ago
    Go to any church, any one at all. The only difference is that you will not be participating in a fraudulent service as you would if you went to a "messianic Jewish" congregation. "Messianic Jews", as anyone with half a brain knows, are Christians who refuse to call themselves Christians and instead fraudulently call themselves Jews. They are an insult to both Judaism and Christianity and should be universally condemned for religious identity theft as well as fraud. No Jew on earth considers them in any way Jewish. Most Christians, except the more gullible ones, also know that these people are not Jewish.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Since Messianics are christian and not Jewish - look under churches in your phone book.


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  • A parcel of vain stivings tied answered 4 years ago
    Messianic doesn't mean Jewish.

    Please don't use it as such.

    I would try google, though.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    As Mark says Messianic Jews are not Jews;they are Christians.

    To those posters who have given thumbs downs to myself ,Mark, Melkha, A parcel of vain stivings tied and Shana; you don't get to re-define Judaism and if a Jew accepts Jesus as the Messiah then they are no longer counted as part of the Jewish people;Messianic Synagogues have nothing to do with Judaism and to call them Synagogues is plain and simply wrong.
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  • Mark S, JPAA answered 4 years ago
    Please--"Messianic Jews" are in **no way** Jewish. Call them Christians instead.


    I'm Jewish.
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