Is the recession over for anyone else?

Is the recession over for anyone else except:

Wells Fargo & Co. San Francisco Calif. $25,000,000,000

State Street Corp. Boston Mass. $2,000,000,000

Bank of America Corp.1 Charlotte N.C. $15,000,000,000

JPMorgan Chase & Co. New York N.Y. $25,000,000,000

Citigroup Inc. New York N.Y. $25,000,000,000

Morgan Stanley New York N.Y. $10,000,000,000

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. New York N.Y. $10,000,000,000

Bank of New York Mellon Corp. New York N.Y. $3,000,000,000

Regions Financial Corp. Birmingham Ala. $3,500,000,000

UCBH Holdings Inc. San Francisco Calif. $298,737,000

Bank of Commerce Holdings Redding Calif. $17,000,000

Broadway Financial Corp. Los Angeles Calif. $9,000,000

SunTrust Banks Inc. Atlanta Ga. $3,500,000,000

Northern Trust Corp. Chicago Ill. $1,576,000,000

Provident Bancshares Corp. Baltimore Md. $151,500,000

U.S. Bancorp Minneapolis Minn. $6,599,000,000

TCF Financial Corp. Wayzata Minn. $361,172,000

BB&T Corp. Winston-Salem N.C. $3,133,640,000

1st FS Corp. Hendersonville N.C. $16,369,000

Valley National Bancorp Wayne N.J. $300,000,000

KeyCorp Cleveland Ohio $2,500,000,000

Huntington Bancshares Columbus Ohio $1,398,071,000

Umpqua Holdings Corp. Portland Ore. $214,181,000

First Horizon National Corp. Memphis Tenn. $866,540,000

Comerica Inc. Dallas Texas $2,250,000,000

Zions Bancorporation Salt Lake City Utah $1,400,000,000

Capital One Financial Corp. McLean Va. $3,555,199,000

Washington Federal Inc. Seattle Wash. $200,000,000

Marshall & Ilsley Corp. Milwaukee Wis. $1,715,000,000

City National Corporation Beverly Hills Calif. $400,000,000

Pacific Capital Bancorp Santa Barbara Calif. $180,634,000

Heritage Commerce Corp. San Jose Calif. $40,000,000

First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc. Chula Vista Calif. $19,300,000

Nara Bancorp, Inc. Los Angeles Calif. $67,000,000

Webster Financial Corporation Waterbury Conn. $400,000,000

Centerstate Banks of Florida Inc. Davenport Fla. $27,875,000

Ameris Bancorp Moultrie Ga. $52,000,000

Taylor Capital Group Rosemont Ill. $104,823,000

Porter Bancorp Inc. Louisville Ky. $35,000,000

Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc. Boston Mass. $154,000,000

Severn Bancorp, Inc. Annapolis Md. $23,393,000

Trustmark Corporation Jackson Miss. $215,000,000

First Niagara Financial Group Lockport N.Y. $184,011,000

Western Alliance Bancorporation Las Vegas Nev. $140,000,000

First Community Corporation Lexington S.C. $11,350,000

HF Financial Corp. Sioux Falls S.D. $25,000,000

First Community Bankshares Inc. Bluefield Va. $41,500,000

Banner Corporation Walla Walla Wash. $124,000,000

Cascade Financial Corporation Everett Wash. $38,970,000

Columbia Banking System, Inc. Tacoma Wash. $76,898,000

Heritage Financial Corporation Olympia Wash. $24,000,000

Associated Banc-Corp Green Bay Wis. $525,000,000

Superior Bancorp Inc. Birmingham Ala. $69,000,000

Manhattan Bancorp El Segundo Calif. $1,700,000

East West Bancorp Pasadena Calif. $306,546,000

Cathay General Bancorp Los Angeles Calif. $258,000,000

CVB Financial Corp Ontario Calif. $130,000,000

Bank of Marin Bancorp Novato Calif. $28,000,000

Oak Valley Bancorp Oakdale Calif. $13,500,000

Coastal Banking Company, Inc. Fernandina Beach Fla. $9,950,000

TIB Financial Corp Naples Fla. $37,000,000

FPB Bancorp, Inc. Port St. Lucie Fla. $5,800,000

United Community Banks, Inc. Blairsville Ga. $180,000,000

MB Financial Inc. Chicago Ill. $196,000,000

First Midwest Bancorp, Inc. Itasca Ill. $193,000,000

Old National Bancorp Evansville Ind. $100,000,000

Blue Valley Ban Corp Overland Park Kan. $21,750,000

Iberiabank Corporation Lafayette La. $90,000,000

Central Bancorp, Inc. Somerville Mass. $10,000,000

Eagle Bancorp, Inc. Bethesda Md. $38,235,000

Sandy Spring Bancorp, Inc. Olney Md. $83,094,000

Old Line Bancshares, Inc. Bowie Md. $7,000,000

Great Southern Bancorp Springfield Mo. $58,000,000

Southern Missouri Bancorp, Inc. Poplar Bluff Mo. $9,550,000

Southern Community Financial Corp. Winston-Salem N.C. $42,750,000

Bank of North Carolina Thomasville N.C. $31,260,000

Unity Bancorp, Inc. Clinton N.J. $20,649,000

State Bancorp, Inc. Jericho N.Y. $36,842,000

First Defiance Financial Corp. Defiance Ohio $37,000,000

Central Federal Corporation Fairlawn Ohio $7,225,000

Southwest Bancorp, Inc. Stillwater Okla. $70,000,000

Popular, Inc. San Juan Puerto Rico $935,000,000

South Financial Group, Inc. Greenville S.C. $347,000,000

First Financial Holdings Inc. Charleston S.C. $65,000,000

Encore Bancshares Inc. Houston Texas $34,000,000

Wesbanco Bank Inc. Wheeling W.Va. $75,000,000



What did you get?

Obama allowed you to keep $12 more of your weekly check.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Liberals rant on and on about the recovery - they tote the stock market AND GDP

    Stocks - well duh - borrow trillions from China - and hand it to BofA who then ploughs it into the market - ya think stocks will rise.... ya think?

    GDP growth. Most countries don't count government spending as part of GDP (Including the EU) and this is logical, because how on earth does government printing and spending money have any affect on REAL GDP

    THerefore - liberals are delusional - the economy will get much much worst

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    it truly isn't any longer a democrat-republican factor, we ought to constantly be uniting against the single real enemy. each physique you listed!!! You forgot one extensive inner maximum business enterprise referred to as the FEDERAL RESERVE that has had u.s. by employing the balls ever because of the fact the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. they are not extra federal than federal convey and that i can assure you they alongside with each corp. you listed are in charge for this recession and it is not over. The Obama Deception and Fall of the Republic, the two could be youtubed.

  • nickie
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Yes I agree with what has been said

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I got more paperwork and higher taxes coming my way to HELP my small business.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You would probably have to ask EX president Bush, he is the one who allowed all the mess to happen so I guess he should be the one with the answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Haahah .Well my country was always in recession so we didn't feel a difference(hahahahha).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you know those are all loans don't ya

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