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are DGK skate board wheels good?

i asked this with an other question but nobody new about the wheels so my question is are the good????

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    Element Wheels Or Hornet Also If You Freeze Them For 45 Minutes You Can Make Last Longer And You Can Ollie Higer Or Go To Local SkateShop And Get Some Good Wheels And If You MircoWave Them For 10 Seconds The Not Much Faster Or Higher To Ollie But They Stay To YTe Ground Like A Ollie Board.An Ollie Board Has No Wheels I Wouldnt Recommanded It But I Tried I Have 2 Boards A Alien Work Shop With Mircowaved Hornets And Element With Frozen Element One More Good Brand Is Zero Wheels

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, DGK is a very good skate brand.

    Element wheels are also pretty good

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