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I have a jack Russell....?

He is just over one year old, and he gets extremely happy when anyone walks in the door, but he also jumps how do I get him to stop doing this? sometimes when I say " no, go to your place" he will pee, why is this??

please can someone help???

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    Jack russells are a very hyper breed. You should get him plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. A bike ride can be beneficial, and believe it or not a run on a treadmill is very mentally stimulating. Swimming is a good way to release pent up energy. Once you have his energy level down get some friends to help you by being "visitors" tell them not to look at him, talk to him or touch him until you have him doing a behavior you approve of. put a leash on your jack russell and when he goes to jump on the say "no" or "off" or what ever you want him to respond to. Notice i said "say no" or "say off" dont get angry or yell it, they wont respond in a way you want. If you say it and he doesnt respond pull him sideways, have him sit and look at you then lay down. Let the people sit down and have him go up and smell their pants/shoes. if they want to pet him take them outside so when he pees its not on the carpet. My dog would pee when getting pets too, you just have to socialize them a LOT! she still does it if a stranger pets her, mainly cause they are too excited when they are petting her and she acts on the excitement by being submissive and peeing. Hope that helps.

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    The peeing is known as "submissive urination" it happens when your dog is trying to tell you that they know you are the boss. It is a way of apologizing and can show that a dog is fearful or insecure. If he learns another way of making amends like paw raising (shaking) or licking your hand, it should stop.

    The only way I got our JRT to stop jumping was by putting a few pennies in a clean soda can and taping the hole shut. Then when he jumped up I would say "off" in a calm, level voice and shake the can once to make a noise. I had to hold it behind my back in order for him not to see it. We also used the can to stop excited barking.

    Using the can where he could not see it made him associate the unpleasant noise with the behavior and also the off command with not jumping.

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    my dog used to do that. she would get so excited she would pee. i would just send her outside and let her back in when she calms down. she hasn't done it since. don't ever yell the dog though, that will just scare them cause they don't know whats going on. putting their noses in it is a bad idea cause they didn't do it on purpose. the tv says you treat them when you come in after telling them to be calm. but i'm lazy and did it my way.what ever works though i guess

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    You should tie up your dog when people come over and dogs pee when they get nervous :)

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    he is probably nervous when he pees and wen people come in the door tell then not too look them in the eye and turn there backs and not to pet him!!!!!!!!

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