Does have a wondermail code S for Mt. Mistrall in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of The Sky?

I want the code so that I can get the ho oh in there my goal is to recruit all of the ledgendary's possible in the game and i almost all i still neef to recruit Latias, Raqauza,( the reason i don't have is he so far in teh dungeon) and ho oh. For some reason everyone says that Deoxys is the hardest to recruit but I did it on my first try LOL

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    go to then click on the DS the n click on the letter P scan down & find your game then click on FAQs then scan down & click on SOS Mail FAQ now scan down slow & stop at MT MISTRAL floor 17 & go from there...glad to help & I hope you follow what i said...

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    4 years ago

    Here is a wonder mail code for Torchic! P496Q M-TF3NX C=62R 1RN@3 8-X7NQ5 %3C%- Hope you are happy:)

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