What could be the problem with my Camaro?

I have a 96 Camaro. If the car is idling in park the rpms rises on its own...sometimes it fluctuates as much as it want...As if Im pressing the gas. Also, if im driving and let off the gas...sometimes it gets stuck on whatever rpm i let off on...as if its on cruise control. Then if i would try and give it gas...it kills. Then it wouldnt start for a while. It would be close to starting...but it wouldnt turn over completely. Or it would start kind of weak and i would have to press the gas to get it to start right. But then again...sometimes it runs ok. Please leave reasonable suggestions.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    check all vacum lines for 1 it could be sumthing simple as a loose hose to sumthing a as big as a cracked manafold aslo check spark plug wires, if the check engine light is on take to autozone or advance auto parts and they may be able to locate a bad sensor if it says low reading from MAP sensor check all lines b4 replacing the map sensor

  • 1 decade ago

    i had a 95 z28 that did some thing like that.it turned out to be a crack in the air intake.the mass air flow sensor dident know how mutch air it was realy getting so it dident know how mutch fuel to give

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