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How to show spirit? { Im spirit captain]?

At our school, we have girls spirit night. We are divided into two teams. White and Red. My friend and I are the spirit captains for the white team. We are both very shy and we are in charge of keeping the crowd excited, cheering on our teammates during the sports and to give things out to the crowd. How can my friend and I do this? Please help!

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    make big sings that say "GO WHITE" or "WHITE IS #1!" and hand them out to random fans to hold up. then get your team to be unified, if you are able to, hold a practice. make sure that your team understands the games you'll be cheering for, so then they can yell when something good happens. Also, make up a few short cheers that your crowd will hear, remember, and then say with you next time you do it. something like "W-H-I-T-E. white, white, white, lets fight!" or "Heeey, white! lets go, lets fight! Heeey, white! lets go, lets fight!" chose things that the crowd will remember, and also clap at a constant beat (don't clap on every word because then your clapping tempo will change and it seams unorganized). also make sure that your team knows the name of all your cheers, so that you can say "W-H-I-T-E" and your team will know that you want them to say the "w-h-i-t-e, white white white lets fight!" cheer. it's important that you guys are also unified in appearance, so if you don't have uniforms, make your girls wear plain white t-shirts, black shorts, and a white bow in their pulled back hair (or any outfit you think would be suitable)

    to be more spirited, set an example for your team. it's embarrassing at first to be the only girl yelling, but if you yell a simple "yeah go white!" at a random time then your girls will want to do the same. make sure to connect w/ your crowd or they'll be too bored to chant along. so always smile and have a super positive tone, it will seem VERY awkward to you at first but the crowd will thing your having lots of fun and want to say what you're saying.

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    When your team does something good,

    Yell & jump up and down, throw some hand motions (like spirit

    fingers) in and just say something supportive

    like GO Sharks! or Lets go North Beach!

    Start a cheer to pump the crowd up, its better to do

    one that a crowd can do with you. Say something like:

    When we say North Beach you say SHARKS!

    Cheerleaders: North Beach!

    Crowd: Sharks!

    Cheerleaders: North Beach!

    Crowd: Sharks!


    Let me hear you yell Go Sharks!

    Cheerleaders: G-O! Yell it!

    Crowd: G-O!

    Cheerleaders: S-H! Yell it!

    Crowd: S-H!

    Cheerleaders: A-R! Yell it!

    Crowd: A-R!

    Cheerleaders: K-S! Yell it!

    Crowd: K-S!

    Cheerleaders: Go Sharks!


    Good luck.

    Source(s): 11th grade Varsity cheerleader since 4th grade.
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