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Service animal under 10 lbs.?

I am looking for a small "service animal" also called a companion animal. I want a small dog but nothing to hyper. any suggestions? I live in a fairly small APT so size is important.

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    get a midget golden retriever

    Source(s): just like a human midget, except a golden retriever
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    A service animal is individually trained to perform tasks that mitigate its owner's disability. It typically takes 18-24 months to fully train a service dog.

    If you want a service dog, start with a program that trains service dogs. Be aware that you'll probably have little choice in the dog they pair you with, but they will take your lifestyle and living arrangements into consideration when making the placement. Here's how to start looking for a program:

    A companion animal is a pet, plain and simple. If you want a pet, I suggest you start with a rescue or something like PetFinder.

    Did you mean an emotional support animal? People with mental illness severe enough to disable them may qualify for exceptions to "no pets" rules in housing. If that's what you are interested in, start by writing your landlord a letter requesting a reasonable accommodation then enter into negotiations about what type of dog will work for both of you. Usually landlords prefer smaller dogs, so you probably won't have any trouble coming to an agreement. But save potential headaches by working it all out before you go looking for the dog. Here's information on emotional support animals in "no pets" housing:

    Source(s): I'm a service dog trainer and disability advocate.
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    You are looking for a pet, not a service animal. Just tell the truth.

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    These delightful little dogs were "invented" to be companion dogs. They are very loyal , love being with you, easy to care for.

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