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    Tectonic hazards,ie.volcanic eruptions,earthquakes and tsunamis,can result in a wealth of dangers.Nonetheless,due to the progress of high technology,the governments have improved a lot to tackle these plights.I'm going to depict how they do to overcome the hazards caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

    For earthquakes,they evacuate people from risky areas.School halls and stadium are considered as safe spaces.well-equipped rescue teams are sent.They provide basic requirements for the refugees,such as water,blanket,etc.Disaster aid will also be delivered to them.

    As for volcanic eruptions,they would build trenchs to guid the directions of lava flow.Water may be sprayed on the buildings to shed ash.Barriers can be built to stop lava flow.International cooperation could also help the victims.Firefighters are going to put out fire.

    Virtually,the means as aforementioned are entirely what the governments would do instantly after the occurence of hazards.They still have great enhancement for long-term preventions,eg.there are regulations to ensure that the structure and materials of the buildings are earthquake-proof.

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