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英文作文--A healthy life 急!!! 10點

英文作文--A healthy life 急!!!



卑D題材, 範例, 或者整片作文.



(100~200字) 最好200字

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    --- play basketball with friends from work

    --- try out for the company baseball team

    --- get in shape and compete in a cycling race

    --- Better food habits can help you reduce your risk for heart attack.

    --- A healthful eating plan means choosing the right foods to eat and preparing foods in a healthy way.

    --- Swimming, cycling, jogging, skiing, dancing, walking and dozens of other activities can help your heart.

    --- Turn off the TV.Once a week, turn off the TV and do something a little more physical with your family. Play games, take a walk...almost anything will be more active than sitting on the couch.

    --- Do some chores. Shoveling snow , working in the garden, raking leaves , sweeping the floor...these kinds of activities may not be 'vigorous ' exercise, but they can keep you moving while getting your house in order.

    --- Pace while you talk. When you're on the phone, pace around or even do some cleaning while gabbing . This is a great way to stay moving while doing something you enjoy.

    --- Make a list of all the physical activities you do on a typical day. If you find that the bulk of your time is spent sitting, make another list of all the ways you could move more--getting up each hour tostretch or walk , walk the stairs at work, etc.

    --- Help kids and teens be active for at least 1 hour a day. Include activities that raise their breathing and heart rates and that strengthen their muscles and bones.

    --- Avoid smoking and breathing other people’s smoke.

    --- Be ready for emergencies. Make a supply kit . Make a plan. Be informed.

    --- Getting up and going can take time and effort that we just may not have. It is very important to find an exercise that you like doing, whatever it may be, so that it does not end up feeling like a chore . Remainfocused on the benefits gained and once you have a steady exercise routine it becomes easier to achieve your goals.

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    can you give more tips???

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    What is a healthy life?

    How to be healthy?

    (eating, sports, don't take drugs)

    2010-01-10 13:10:16 補充:

    What is a healthy life?

    How to be healthy?

    (eating, sports, don't take drugs)

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