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Ic測試器有分為不同的功能,就好像汽車一樣,有些是房車,有些是SUV等等。其實國內也有生產,國產的測試機如果與外國廠家的測試機比較,功能部分先不評比,先比機台的特性,國產機台的最大好處是便宜,而且可以依照客戶的要求隨時修改設計,並且能夠符合客戶的需求。外國廠商的機台,基本上在機台穩定性與功能上還是具有比較高端的能力 ,如果產品的需求很高,可能就需要使用進口機台,但是如果你產品某方面的特性國產機台就能夠滿足需求,那當然是使用國產機台,如果產品本身要求不高,為何不用國產機台呢?

The Ic tester has many different functions.As cars,for example the van and the SUV.In fact internal also production of the Ic tester , if compare the domestic testing machines and foreign manufacturers the testing machines, the testing machines function part not evaluate,first compare both testing machines characteristic, internal testing machinesthes best benefit are cheap, and can according to customers requirement at anytime design modification,and can conform to customers need. Basically foreign manufacturers the testing machines stability and function has high-end capability.If the product high of demand can need to use of import machine, if your products characteristic internal machine can meet the demand, it is certainly use internal machine. If the product request isn't high, why does not use internal machine?


And the same product, the other people use an importing an test,and you use a domestic test,that your cost is absolutely cheaper than somebody else,this is to use a domestic advantage,but imports can test things,the domestic product can't test, that certainly choose to imported.

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    Ic Testers are divided into different functions, like cars, some car, SUV, and so some are. In fact, There are also a production and test machines, if domestic and foreign manufacturers of testing machines compared to non-functional part of the first appraisal, first compared the characteristics of machine, machine made the biggest advantage is cheap, and can be modified at any time in accordance with the requirements of customers design, and can meet customer needs. Foreign manufacturers of machine, it is basically stable and functional on the machine still has a relatively high capacity, if the high demand for the product, you may need to use imported machine, but if you are certain aspects of the characteristics of products made on the machine able to meet the demand, of course, is the use of domestic machine, if the product itself is much, why do not machine-made? but also with a product, others use imported the test, and you use China-made test, then you definitely more than the cost of others cheap, this is the use of domestic benefits. but imports can test things that can not be tested domestically, then of course, they would chose import .

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