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誰可以給我hillsong的the frist and the last 和 for your name的歌詞?

還有the frist and the last 的mp3音樂檔!!!


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    The first and the last

    Verse 1:

    You are the First and the Last

    Beginning and the End

    The promise of One who’s to come

    The future is in Your hands

    Calling the light with all the Earth we will sing

    Verse 2:

    You are the Author of love

    Our freedom is in Your name

    Embracing the cross there for us

    Brought us to life again

    Calling the love with all we are let us sing


    God our Hope and our Salvation

    Worthy of all the praise

    Be our light everlasting

    Great is Your name

    Jesus the First and the Last

    Verse 3:

    Show us the way of Your love

    Lead us towards the truth

    Stir up the fire in us

    To live out this life for you

    Calling Your name Jesus forever we’ll sing



    Every heart every nation will hear the sound

    As the light breaks through the darkness and Your name rings loud

    Every distant horizon will meet as one

    Singing holy is Your name We sing holy is Your name.

    Ending: (Spontaneous)

    You are the First and the Last. You are

    You’re the Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End

    Our salvation You bring freedom God Your grace it knows no end

    You’re the name above all names the Lamb that was Slain You are Yeah

    The First and the Last. You are the First and the Last.

    2010-01-11 02:43:20 補充:

    For your name

    Verse 1:

    We got a new life in the light of Your love

    Called by name to the Savior of all

    We got a new song

    Generations will sing

    Oh-oh oh-oh-oh-oh


    你給我信箱我寄過去給你, 很有音樂品味唷!! (很經典的歌曲)

    2010-01-11 02:43:40 補充:

    Verse 2:

    We got a new hope all because of the cross

    Saved by the grace you have given to us

    We got a new song

    All the nations will sing

    Oh-oh oh-oh-oh-oh

    2010-01-11 02:43:53 補充:

    Chorus 1:

    For Your name shout in all the Earth

    Great above our lives light of our salvation

    Verse 3:

    For Your Glory we will give all we are

    All our lives for the love of Your son

    We got a new song now that we are redeemed

    Oh-oh oh-oh-oh-oh

    2010-01-11 02:44:08 補充:

    Chorus 2:

    For Your name shout in all the Earth

    Great above our lives light of our salvation

    Nations rise sing of all You are

    Holy is Your name lifted high forever


    And our hope is in the Saviour’s love

    You gave it all

    Let all Earth sing to Christ our King

    Be lifted up

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