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Few question for first time dog adoption?

Ive never had a dog before. So im thinking to adopt one. I am hoping I can get a english bulldog. But I had some question going on in my mind before making any strong decisions

1) Adopting a dog do I need to pay special attention to adopting agency when doing it?

2) ALso if i do i will probably get a young male, so whaT options do I have for its house training?

3) Any other tips that i need to consider before adopting it would highly appreciated..as Im in a research stage before getting it :)

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    1) This depends.

    Do you want to save a dog's life or do you want to adopt a dog that has had a lot of human contact and will probably be well adjusted?

    Unfortunately many animals end up at pounds or shelters that euthanize. These pets are in desperate need of adoption. They do not get as much love and attention as a pet from a no-kill shelter would.

    Regardless of what kind of shelter you choose, the good part is that dogs seem to adjust to their new homes fairly easy as long as they are given lots of love.

    Depending upon your circumstances you may also want to consider a dog that will be best suited for you. Does the dog fair best with adults, with kids, with a family, a single person, etc?

    *PETFINDER* can provide links to the local pet shelters in your area. You can also preview pet profiles online.


    2 & 3)

    PAWS are located in most major metro areas.

    Here are some faqs by the PAWS folks that contain information on house training and other tips.




    Hope this helps!

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    Before you go to the shelter, have an idea of what you want to do with this dog like jog, play with children, take long walks, visit nursing homes, compete in organized sports, or hang out on the couch. When you're looking at dogs, remember those traits and keep your head about you. You're protecting the dog you'll eventually adopt, as well as your own heart. Here's more info:


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    We just adopted one today. I love the dog at the first sight. I think that is very important. We went to our city human society, which is a trustful agency.

    As the training, I have to look into book or online.

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  • Cris
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    might want to go to a good adoption agency

    we have a human Society in our town and they don't do a good job of taking care of there dogs

    ive adopted from them

    the first time i adopted a female chihuahua, got her home, started noticing a cough on her, took her to the vet, she had canal cough and heart worms, and a bunch of other things, i called up the humane Society they told me i can return the dog and get another one, i totally told them off, and told them that the dog is not a thing to just return it and exchange it for another one, its a living breathing life, and shouldn't be exchangeable as they expressed it

    later on after years, my golden retriever passed away and was feeling really depressed, we adopted a puppy from there, they said it had all the puppy shots and he was a picture of health, we brought him home, and we have never had a sick puppy in our house before, and the puppy we adopted, the first day we got him home he started vomiting and pooping blood, stupid humane Society didn't give the puppy his parvo/distemper shots, and the puppy got sick of parvo, and we had to put him down cause he got really sick,

    i will never adopt a puppy from there anymore

    i will adopt adult dogs, from there, and take them to the vet, and get them seen

    but almost all the animal shelters down here, the small ones are trying to adopt out puppies that have mainge, and that are sick, its really bad

    there is only one good dog shelter down here and its about 1hour and 45minutes away from where i live the other good dog shelter is 7hours away which is in houston texas

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    do ur best

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