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Why do big pharma companies and insurance companies support the health care bill, libs?

"Panicked Healthcare Lobbyists Descend On Massachusetts To Save The 60th Democratic Vote For Reform

We've been following the special election in Massachusetts, where the GOP hopes to pull a surprise upset in the race to fill Ted Kennedy's seat.

If they do pull it off, healthcare reform is instantly in trouble, as the Democrats drop below 60.

But money is coming to the rescue of Democrat Martha Coakley -- healthcare industry lobbyist money, specifically.

Tim Carney identifies several of her top fundraisers. Take a look at who they represent:

* Thomas Boggs, Patton Boggs: Bristol-Myers Squibb

* Chuck Brain, Capitol Hill Strategies: Amgen, BIO, Merck, PhRMA

* Susan Brophy, Glover Park Group: Blue Cross, Pfizer

* Steven Champlin, Duberstein Group: AHIP, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis

* Licy Do Canto, Raben Group: Amgen

* Gerald Cassidy, Cassidy & Associates: U. Mass Memorial Health Care

* David Castagnetti, Mehlman, Vogel, Castagnetti: Abbot Labs, AHIP, Astra-Zenaca, General Electric, Humana, Merck, PhRMA.

* Steven Elmendorf, Elmendorf Strategies: Medicines Company, PhRMA, United Health

* Shannon Finley, Capitol Counsel: Amgen, Astra-Zeneca, Blue Cross, GE, PhRMA, Sanofi-Aventis.

* Heather Podesta, Heather Podesta & Partners: Cigna, Eli Lilly, HealthSouth

* Tony Podesta, Podesta Group: Amgen, GE, Merck, Novartis.

* Robert Raben, Raben Group: Amgen, GE.

Of course, this is how politics works. Lobbyists for various corporations and causes get involved wherever they can for candidates of both parties. But when you see all these big pharma (and insurance!) representatives coming with cash for a crucial vote, you know which side they're on."


ArRo, they are last minute pushing the Democrat candidate in order for that Democrat to vote FOR the health care bill.

Open your eyes.

They want it to pass.

Update 2:

Just like Obama is good buddies with Jeff Kindler from Pfizer.

Corporatism at its best!!!

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    Don't you recognize propaganda, when you see it? Consider the source of this information! The Pharmaceutical and Insurance Industries have spent millions, trying to defeat health care reform. Why wouldn't they? When it passes, it will cost them millions of customers. They might drop a few promises on Democrats, and we know that they have, but that only proves the point that people are fooled by their deceit and ask questions like this.

    Add: Maybe they know it will pass and they like the Senate bill, without the 'public option', rather than the one the House likes that includes a public option. Those industries didn't get so rich by wiring ahead their convoluted plans! I just know that they have spent millions to defeat it. Why would they give that money away?

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    The bill is going to make companies even more rich if it passes in the form that the Senate bill did. The current bill is a terrible piece of legislation.

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    Those companies are capitalistic, and the Republicans have proved they are bad for capitalism.

    G.W. Bush almost killed it.

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  • 1 decade ago care is in for some major trouble.

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    crickets.they can't defend that.even if they try they would look inept.

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