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Donna asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 1 decade ago

What is the best kind of security for my computer (for mal-ware, viruses, etc.)?

I had Mcafee home security for the past year. I paid $60 and was really disappointed. It never worked right, in spite of multiple calls to technical support. Every month or so, it would say that it wasn't working, and hadn't run a scan since the last month. I called tech support, and found myself talking to someone who spoke English so poorly that I could barely understand him. Then they would tell me to just click the ignore button, and couldn't understand why this was unnacceptable.

My computer is only 1 year old, but has had multiple problems with freezing, long loading times etc. I run a disk cleanup every few weeks, and have the free ad-aware program also, which I run from time to time.

I need something that I don't have to think much about, that will run automatic scans, and has a good firewall, and protects against all kinds of mal-ware, and lets me limit cookies, etc.

I am on a budget, so I need something that is hopefully around $60 or less- up to $100 would be ok, if its really excellent.

I'm wondering about Norton, but I'm not sure. I thought Mcafee was supposed to be good, and it has been worthless.

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    Hey there donna, there are a number of free alternatives to a internet security suite such as mcafee so I'll walk you through you roughly what you need.

    I'll try and match the features provided by the mcafee suite that you bought.

    your internet suite provides you with:

    * Anti-virus

    * Anti-spyware

    * Anti-spam

    * Anti-phishing

    * Two-way Firewall

    * Web Site Safety Ratings

    * Identity Protection

    * Parental Controls

    * Data Backup

    1. Antivirus - pick ONE of the following - Avira/Avast/Microsoft essentials/AVG

    If you arent savvy with security settings I would suggest you use microsoft's antivirus. Otherwise, avira and avast are excellent choices.

    2. Antispyware - the antiviruses mentioned above all have antispywares incorporated in them. Thus, I would suggest you to install some on-demand spyware scanners such as "superantispyware" and/or "malwarebytes anti-malware". They are extremely useful where your antivirus fails.

    3. Antispam - If you access your emails online rather through outlooks or other mail clients, it is unnecessary for you to have spam filters as they would be done online.

    4. Anti-phishing - Here I would suggest "WOT" or "Mcafee's siteadvisor". They work by comparing a site to a cloud database and then provides suggestions whether the site is safe or not. WOT is available for internet explorer, firefox and google chrome whereas mcafee's siteadvisor is for IE and firefox only. Other choices you can consider includes AVG's linkscanner and comodo's verification engine if you do online banking.

    5. Firewall - A number of free alternatives are available and it is definitely a headache finding the right one for you. Now if you cant deal with popups asking you whether to allow this and that or you just want a hassle free firewall, you are better off using the in-built windows firewall. If you want more control though, "comodo's" firewall and "pc tools" firewall are definitely good choices. Other good alternatives includes "online armour" and "outpost firewall" You may find the use of these firewalls quite confusing and taunting. If you know some stuff about what to allow and deny but cant handle anything too complex, i would recommend pc tools firewall first before the others mentioned as their popups are made a lot more simpler.

    6. web site ratings - falls into the anti-phishing section

    7. identity protection - your most effective method (and free) is really to follow safe computing practices and avoid catching malware which can ultimately steal your identity. No one can stress the importance of playing safe on the net as no security products can provide 100% protection. Always have your pc up to date and that also includes installed programs. Make sure you have the above 1-6. Dont open files from people you dont know. Always scan them before you open them and always check a website before you provide credit details. (e.g does it start with https, is their certificate viable?, does WOT or siteadvisor say anything about them)

    8. data backup, vista has their own backup system that you can use. if you want more, you can try paragon's free backup software.

    Hope that sums it up for you.

    With regards to the freezing and long loading times. It can be due to too much "crap" on your pc. Uninstall what you dont need or wont use like once a year. Do check for viruses under safe mode too as that can be another cause as well. (press f8 repeatedly when you restart pc)

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    Ya as the last guy said, get Avast Antivirus. It's free and it's one of the best. If it doesn't work out for you, what do you got to lose? Also get a registry cleaner for your freezing and slow connection. I use Avast for my antivirus and Glary Utility for my registry cleaner. My computer is over 6 years old and working great.

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    Here is the combination that I use

    Avast antivirus > Malwarebytes > Super Antispyware > Comodo Firewall .

    u can use AVG or Avira FREE in place of Avast , thats ur choice

    As Far as avast is concerned , u need to register for free , give them ur email address and

    they will send u a free licence key for avast (i.e. for 1 year ) and u are entitled to use

    the software for 1 year !

    **********U can get the above on following addresses - ***************

    Avast -

    AVG -

    Avira -

    Malwarebytes -

    SuperAntispyware -

    ***********Any one of the following Firewalls - **************

    Comodo Firewall -

    Zone Alarm Free Firewall

    ***********Also add McAfee SiteAdvisor to your tally of softwares , its free and you can safely browse

    web .

    ***********For PC Tune-up , go for Advanced System Care Free

    These apps work in combination to protect ur PC , and provide rock solid protection against

    viruses ,and all are free !

    Good Luck

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    I would recommend Norton 360 Ver 3. I have been using Norton for many years, and the 360 product is the best one so far. It is not a hard to use, nor does it use a lot of computer resources to run. So far no viruses or anything have managed to get past it.

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    Best Security Software Combination for you Computer

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    Get paid of avast ~

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