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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionDrama · 1 decade ago

I think i just realized how lost season six is going to go let me know what you think?

Its one of those things that you have trouble putting into words because you understand it but its so hard to verbalize without like all the detail inbetween

alright so i think that jacob and that other dude they introduce on the finally last season are some sort of god's reincarnated into human beings. these can die like everyone else but they have to be killed because they dont age. God or some other kind of higher being told them that they couldnt kill eachother but the other dude (Not Jacob) has something he gets in return for killing Jacob. (kind of like a cain and abel thing) l'll just keep saying the other dude for the guy whose not Jacob. The other dude finds a loop hole by killing himself because if he does so he becomes another reincarnation (John Lock) He knows that jacob try to bring people to the island (for a reason i dont know maybe to prove something to this higher power maybe a bet or something that humans are fundamentally flawed and always ruin everything) He is tricked by the other dude into bringing John Lock onto the island because Richard (who is working for Jacob) thinks that he would be a good addition to their little group because he has these special abilities. So he comes back to the island to meet jacob because for some reason hes able to kill jacob not that hes not in the body of the other dude. (so he gets whatever its probably gonna be caotic like he becomes ruler of the island or something). Maybe Jacob powers all the supernatural abilities of the Island and thats what he wants but hes gonna use it for bad reason. Oh and their past selves from 30 years ago actually kill themselves because they are different people then they were before when they supposedly just arrived to the island. So they become the others. The babies always die on the island because they instantly become others and get reincarnated into another life. (like daniel faraday whose mother always lived on the island (and charles) Ben didnt actually die he was saved by jacob so hes not like them but hes special somehow too

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Interesting theory. But what happened to Claire and who is Alpert if he is not a fellow God? It was alluded that he was on the ship in that scene with Jacob and Dude, but who gave him the gift to not age and why? And if he was given that gift from Jacob and/or Dude, then how come he has no idea what is going on?

    I also heard that season 6 is going to focus mainly on Alpert(which is exciting because he is hot) , so he really would need to fit in to this theory for it to be correct.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I Think I've Already Answered One Of Your Theory Questions

    And This Time, I'm Gonna Have To Agree With Shenanigans

    What Happened To Claire And All?

    But Good Theory

    And It's The Final Season Which Will Need ALOT Of Explainin And Answerin To Do, So I Think It Does Get Even More Complicated

    God Help Us All


    Source(s): I LOVE LOST
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  • 4 years ago

    i assumed it substitute into the Frank, Richard, Kate, Sawyer and Miles airplane beginning off. it might desire to no longer of been. yet remember on the tip, there substitute right into a airplane crashed on the coastline in the process the credit. That lead me to have confidence they have been given caught on the island returned because of the fact the keeps to be of 815 wasn't on the coastline. it fairly is a finished wager to what it fairly is.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    this sure sounds hairy...hope it isnt going to be too complicated..

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