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Do lush bath bombs stain your bath?

I was wondering if they stain your bath because Ive only tried one and It was Honey Bee and It stained my bath? Do they all stain bathtubs? Could you tell me the ones that don't??? Thanks

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    I have used many many bath bombs from Lush before and they've come in a different variety of colors like purple that did not stain my bath but just left a murky mark all around the edge. Which is nothing. If that happens all you have to do is straight away clean it off with some bath cleaning spray or wipes and DO NOT leave it to dry or leave it for to long because then it will be more likely to stain your bath tub and it will be harder to get off. But other than that All of the bath bombs should be fine as long as you remember to clean up after.. and if one doesn't work for you you should try to use a different one and see if it has the same effect. But i really do recommend cleaning over and over atleast twice over. So it doesn't leave a visible mark.

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    I got a purple one with gold sparkles and it stained my bath tub really bad. It stained the floor of the tub, as well as the sides. I sat there scrubbing at it for over 30 minutes with regular bath cleaner, which did not really help. Then I used Mr. Clean magic eraser and it pretty much all came out. If I had left the purple stains there, my bath tub would have been ruined. This was very disappointing, and I don't believe I'll be using lush again.

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    Lush Bathbombs

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    In my experience they don't permenently stain them - they just leave LOTS of glitter and plastic stars which is just as annoying!

    Pick a white/pale one next time you visit lush, so the effects wont be as noticeable.

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    Tess wigs milwaukee has them but to be honest most women who want too relax use bath bombs. Having too clean up afterwards seems pointless

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    i agree with people... if ur that concerned, bleach it out!!! but, with my expierence, no... and i have a troubled bath :D haha.... and even if it did, i would continue to use them and all other lush products because they make me feel pampered

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    Id ont know which ones don't... but the vanilla fountain one does... but it came off after i hosed it down with the shower head...

    hope this helps

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    no, but it might be a good idea to clean your tub with a cleaner containing bleach right after your done!

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    I really want to know do u know yet

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