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kk, What is pube hair? Ik what pubic hair is just not pube i searched and they only have pubic?

Ok so i went on and searched pube hair and then it said sorry not found do you mean pubic hair so i cliked that and i was told that pubic and pube are nothing alike... so thx if u help me


Fyi I hate cussing and i do it but plz dont give me a web with cusing plz edit that and they dont have pube hair on urbandictionary

Update 2:

Kk thx Glossic Star....

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    The proper word is "Pubic hair". Pubic Hair is little bits of hair inbetween our legs (usually the color black), on the girls vaginas and boys balls and pen is area. its to fight bactearia and prevent infections keeping that area clean. If you want you can trim the hairs. Hope this answered your question :)

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    Okay,, pube is short for pubic! Duh, i mean, you searched it and everything - and you still don't get it?

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