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What would you do if you were me?

I'm feeling pretty depressed because nothing ever works out for me and I'm tired of it. I try really hard to get some where and do something and be somebody but it's like God's out to get me or something. Like maybe I did something wrong in a past life and now I'm being punished with the shitty one I have. I'm just so tired and so sick and I just don't want to live anymore. All I do is screw up and push people away. Plus I always make a total *** out of myself and don't know why. I'm just an idiot I guess. You probably think that to and I don't blame you.

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    Wow don't be so hard on yourself! Don't blame your self for things that are out of your control you are only human. Everything happens for a reason so when your life takes a toll you take it and make it into a positive thing. Live everyday like it's your last. People who gave up on you now had no faith in you and weren't meant to be there in the first place. Don't push yourself to the edge. remember " What doesn't kill you makes you stronger "

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    No - I've gone through a very hard time personally the last few months and had a lot of the same thoughts and feelings you're talking about. You're not alone, I think that feeling that way is almost a universal part of the human condition that just about everybody feels at some point. It's very very hard. But I think it helps to know that you're not alone, that a lot of people have those thoughts. Just try to find little things that you enjoy and do for yourself, take care of yourself, maybe try to spend some quality time with family or a friend you trust. Things will get better (even though it seems impossible) it just takes time. It's ok to feel bad, try not to beat yourself up. Hang in there and good luck! (ps. i've also started counseling recently and medication which has helped me identify some practical strategies to work out of the depression I've dealt with for so long. That might be an option to explore also).

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    You sound like you you may be trying too hard. How old are you? Are you in school still? You are not an idiot and God doesn't punish or try to "get" people.

    Just take things slow and think of all the outcomes for each situation before you act. Pick the route for the best outcome and go for it. You are a really strong person if you have been through situations that didn't work out and you kept on trying. That says something good about you. Nearly everyone goes through periods in life where they just want to quit, but they don't they keep on. You need someone to talk too. Have you got a parent that will sit down with you to talk over how you are feeling? If you don't have anyone try counceling.I am very old compared to you and there have been many times I felt like giving up. When it got so bad I went to my doctor and got a councelor and it really helped. No shame!

    I don't know exactly what is bothering you but if you talk about it to someone that will listen and offer suggestions I am sure you will come out just fine. I just think you need some goals that are easy for you right now. and with each sucsess you will learn more about life and yourself and things will really turn around for you.

    Always be kind to yourself take care of yourself because if you don't respect yourself no one else will. Think positively, everytime a negative thought comes to mind stop t and think of something else, anything, thats not negative. Believe in yourself, know that you are the best and only you there is so show the strong side

    of yourself.Learn from your mistakes, lookback and try to figure out what went wrong and don't make that mistake again. You are a very strong person

    Whatever is going wrong for you right now will pass, thats for sure. Just don't give up and don't give in! Winners never quit and quitters never win! You are a winner seek out the help you need, be positive! AVOID negative people places and things

    You are strong and unique don't let the bumps in the road get you down! Best wishes to you and if you need someone to talk to you can email me if you like

    Good luck and only smiles to you!

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    One take it easy on yourself and two stop being a grouch. Stop pushing people away because those same people are who you need now in your time of suffering like you are now. Stop being so hard on yourself, take a breather, go out, bowl a couple of rounds, get a wii or something. Life is not all that bad each day is a new beginning and God loves everyone, remember he died for our sins so I doubt if he is actually out for you. Punishment comes only to people who have given it away to others. If you don't want to live anymore think about this life is but a bowl of cherries if you know how to live it. Don't give up, you're not an idiot, you just need someone to tell you that from day to day so you don't feel shitty from day to day. Get my meaning. Stay in touch let's be friends.

    You'll see what I mean?

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    Oh geez... Just don't think about anyone or anything and go on with ur day. Things are pretty stupid in life but that's how things are. U really shouldn't kill urself over it though. That's a lame thing to do. Just like, Write a poem or a song or sing or find a hobby. Something. Life gets pretty rough, and the only person that really knows you is urself and God. So you basically have to pave ur own road...

    Metaphorically speaking that is. So just basically try ur hardest to do whatever it is you wanna do, and trust me it will pay off. But only if u keep a strong mind and will. :]

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    Almost everyone in the world feels that way at some time in life. It will pass. And, remember to always do something nice for yourself if someone else lets you down. You have obviously thought a lot about your situation. You need some unconditional love. A pet will help for now. Or go to a nursing home and volunteer. Those people have a lot of wisdom and will love your company.

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    I don't think that. I don't know you but I've felt the same thing before, but I found that you just have to get knocked and crawl for a while before you can get back up. Consider going to see a counselor (I had to do that because I couldn't find a reason to live anymore either). But things will get better. And I don't think God would do that because He's a loving God, but we all have different opinions.

    Message me if you need more help :]

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    I feel for ya.

    Last year..2009.. I basically lost everything. Dropped out of college, lost my apartment, broke up w/ my boyfriend (who I was in love with), and lost my kick *** car too. NOW, I live with my mother (who's a drug addict) and clean toilets for minimum wage... I ain't shitten ya neither....this is my situation. Not to mention, in constant battle to be with my children.

    BUT, I've decided to not let my sappy *** mentality bring me down. I look forward. I used to sit around and think about who pathetic my life was... how damaged. I've grown passed that. It's either sit around and feel bad for myself or ACT now and take the first step to improving my situation. You can't count on any one but yourself... this is reality. I made the choice to have a better year... 2010 is the beginning of the rest of my life. You have to CHOOSE to better your situation.

    I hope things get better for you. Don't be so hard on yourself, your all you have.

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    no, i don't think anyone's life if always shitty, i mean sometimes i don't wanna talk to anyone and i just wanna see what it's like to be alone but everyone gets out of that funk. trust me, something good is just about to happen to you. just you wait XP

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    Well... don't commit suicide or anything. But I do know what you mean. I keep screwing up. Really really badly. And now I'm stuck. But we just have to.. i don't know, push through it? It sucks though, I know. But it has to get better. It has to.

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