Babysitter will not release a passing father's 15 year old child to mother out of state because she......?

wants legal custody of child to gain access to her father's pension and annuity. She has brainwashed the child against her entire family tree so she can keep her close at hand. At one point the childs mother that lives out of state came to try and take her home. The mediator wanted to know how the mother and child felt about this but the mother said she never even had the chance to talk to her daughter because the babysitter hasn't given her a chance to even talk to her. The mediator suggested that to have the babysitter allow the child to have lunch with her mother but then the babysitter never followed through and even told the mediator that she didn't have to allow the child to have lunch with her mother to talk to her about the situation. My question then is with the child being 15 and willingly wanting to stay with the do you get the child removed for evaluation of being brainwashed by the babysitter. To top things off the child had a horrible relationship with her father and there is suspected foul play on the child's end that maybe she contributed to his death. The babysitter we think might have encouraged something to gain access to her father's accounts. So far we can not seem to remove the child from this babysitter. She needs to be removed from this woman's house so we can evaluate her to see if foul play was made on her father. With the child being away from the bsabysitter we can also see how aggressive the babysitter becomes to wanting access to accounts. So far the babysitter has called his employment wanting every detail of his accounts. Hours after his admission in the hospital the babysitter got in his house and took his wallet, keys and financial papers. We can't help but smell a rat here. Please if anyone can give advise send it our way.


charles.....the police were involved. my husband which is the childs uncle tried to take her home with us and retrieve the wallet and keys. when the babysitter said no way we called the police and they said it would be a civil matter. this did go to court and the mediator suggested to have the babysitter release the child to her mother for lunch to discuss the situation. the babysitter backed out of dropping her off at applebees which was the arrangement for lunch.

Update 2:

steve....the mother lives in florida. it took a little time for her to get to ohio to try and be with her daughter.

Update 3:

his employer did not give her info on his pension....etc. she did try though.

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    Sorry, the whole story sounds fishy. I cannot take it seriously.

    How do you know she asked the employer for details? The employer is not going to give them out anyway. Not to you either. Suspected foul play by the child? Really? So the police are involved. You can prove the babysitter took personal property? Why have you not called the police?

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    Unless the father gave custody to the babysitter how on earth can she lay any claim to the child and any claim to his legal papers. Mother needs an attorney right now, and yes the police need to be involved right away to keep the babysitter from taking the minor out of the country.*

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    So the authorities don't know the father had a child? If they did, the child would have been turned over the the STATE pending a determination of proper custody. By the time YOU knew of the death, the mother would have PHYSICAL custody of the child. The would never be a mediator involved. The baby sitter would be behind bars on charges of kidnapping.

  • Sounds like an issue that should be turned over to the police.

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  • Well, that's easy enough to fix. Call the police and have them retrieve the child.

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