One more time. Did George W. Bush keep us safe? Why or why not? What say you?

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    Sept-Oct 2001: Anthrax attacks on Congress, NY govt offices, media.

    Dec 12, 2001: Foiled plot by Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel to blow up mosque in Culver City, CA, and office of Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA).

    Dec 22, 2001: Shoe Bomber Richard Reid fails to blow up AA Flt 63.

    July 4, 2002: Hesham Mohamed Hadayet kills 2 at the El Al ticket counter at LAX.

    Oct 2002: Beltway Snipers John Allen Muhammed and Boyd Lee Malvo kill 10; Malvo later testifies attacks motivated by "jihad."

    April 2003: White supremacists William Krar, Edith Bruey foiled in the Tyler Poison Gas Plot with huge stockpile of cyanide, 100 conventional bombs, and 500,000 rounds of ammunition.

    June 5, 2003: John Noster arrested in LA w/cache of pipe bombs, jet fuel, weapons, and assorted books alleging a worldwide socialist conspiracy.

    March 3, 2005: Mohammed Reza Taheri-azana drives an SUV onto a crowded part of campus at UNC at Chapel Hill, injuring 9.

    April 3, 2006: Allen Weatherford arrested in MN with cache of weapons, detonation devices, fuel oil, and fertilizer intended to blow up a local courthouse.

    July 28, 2006: Naveed Haq kills 1 and hospitalizes 5 in a shooting at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.

    Aug 30, 2006: Omeed Aziz Popal kills 1 and injures 17 in SUV rampage that began in Fremont, CA, and ended at the Jewish Community Center of SF.

    Dec 22, 2006: Derrick Shareef’s "violent jihad" attack on an Illinois shopping mall disrupted by feds.

    Feb 12, 2007: Sulejman Talović opens fire at the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City, killing 5, injuring 4, while shouting "Allahu Akbar!"

    July 27, 2008: Jim Adkisson opens fire with a shotgun at a Unitarian Church service because he "hates left-wing liberals," killing 2 and wounding 7.

    Not to mention the March 23, 2003 grenade attack by Army Sgt. Hasan Akbar on his fellow members of the 101st Airborne, which killed 2 and wounded 14. That particular attack is not technically "terrorism" because it involved combatants rather than civilians, but then again so did the Right's previous-favorite Obama administration attack, that of Nidal Hassan at Ft. Hood earlier this year. Funny nobody ever mentions Hasan Akbar when they're trying to claim that the Ft. Hood incident proves Obama is soft on terrorism.

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    For the Most part we were safe.

    But was it Bush---not quite.

    To say that fighting the terrorists in iraq was keeping the fight there and not here was total baloney

    there were at least 19 attempted attacks in the USA (google- attempted terrorist attacks since 9-11)

    NONE of these attacks were twarted by ANY military actions or means what so ever, but however, were stopped by Police and FBI

    so being in iraq, like MOST Right Wingers think, did NOT stop the terrorists from somehow swimming over here and "getting us" again ( ooops, thats right, they didn't in the first place)

    but what it did do was give reason for many to join a radical muslim holy war against the USA


    answer: NO ---He put us in danger

  • He undid the Clinton policies that the Clinton administration's own people on the 9/11 commission said were the main reason we failed to stop the attacks. Once that was done (and Democrats -literally all of them- resisted with all their might for quite some time) we really didn't have any more.

    Of course, Obama made it a top priority to "rebuild Clinton's wall" by executive order on DAY ONE so we have gone back to our "9/10" defense/intelligence posture. Isn't that great?

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    He did not. Why? I don't know if he could. Nobody can keep us safe from people who hold whack-job religious beliefs. There is no dealing with them. We should bring all our soldiers home from parts of the world where people are living two weeks out of the middle ages.

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    Bush is gone and a none issue. BO is President so look at him and ask the same Q?

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    nope, look at what happened after Hurricane Katrina, what if that had been a terrorist attack instead of a hurricane, would those dopes just of stood around pointing their fingers at each other while everybody sat on their roofs for 3 days and died of dehydration, I think so.

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    Yes, but that was in a time when the American people came first, not political gain.

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    Yes. He did the best he could have at the time. If Al Gore had been elected instead, then probably he would still be scratching his head wondering what to do. I voted for Al Gore, but I am glad ole Dubya was elected anyway, because of 911.

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    After 9/11 there were NO terrorist attacks on US Soil. Since Obama took over in his first year there have been 2.

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    So far - terrorist acts ON U.S. soil on barry's watch:

    Ft. Dix bombing plot foiled by CIVILIANS, not the FBI

    Arkansas Army recruiter shooting

    Ft. Hood massacre

    BVD bomber...

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