Do you think knifing in Modern Warfare 2 is overpowered?

i'm serious like i could be shooting a guy right at him, but he can still run up to me and knife me in one kill

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  • 1 decade ago
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    its not the knife that i think is over powered its the perk lightweight combined with commando. i can understand if their point blank and you shoot they knife and they get the knife kill but when people use lightweight and commando for some reason they practly teliport 10 to 15 feet to knife, that is what i think is overpowered, they should fix that, but the knife itself i think is fine, i also think they should fix headshots. in any situation i can think of a headshot would be a one hit kill, shot to the brain = dead, but in the game some guns take up to 3 headshots to kill, i find that as bs, and the 50 cal sniper, should always be a one hit kill, the 50 cal one shot to the leg, you have no leg, one shot to the torso, your cut in to, it should be a 1 hit kill at least for head and torso even with silencer. i think they should fix throw back grenades, for some reason it will say press RB to throw back grenade and i press it it lays a claymore and still says press RB to throw back grenade, it rearly ever throws back for me and idk why. claymore should be moveable because ill lay one on occation and it will teliport 10 feet away and change direction for NO reason at all, fix that or allow them to be moved, they should make it so your own stuff can not hurt you, several times ive had my own claymore kill me because someone walked into it and i was to close, even though it was on the other side of a wall. kill streaks after you die should count toward your kill streaks and all kill streaks should count uncluding care packages, sentry guns, and emergency airdrops. there should be a timmer for your sentury guns and choppers so you at least know and it should tell you if someone has one already pending, theres a lot of small changes they should make but its still an awesome game.

    yeah dont ask i started answering then i though maybe i should post this on my site and i just started typing my thoughts im going to add to my site forgetting im still on yahoo XD but yes and no, knifing being a 1 hit kill good, knifing missing at point blank or people jumping 10 15 feet while being shot at is stupid.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes is frustrating to have that happen. it happens to me at least 10 times per match but the knifing is probably meant to act like a cut to the throat

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I do, the samething happens to me all the time.................I think its bull #$&$

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