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Ever read the Great Gatsby? What did you think of it?

I'm now doing it for school but I'm finding it extremely boring! anyone care to explain to me why it's such a masterpiece?


I can't wait till I'm older! I need to understand it now :P

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    Oh, no, now you'll now that I am truly a Nerd lol !!

    { read to the end of my answer -- I have an idea that will impress your teacher * }

    I read it on my own, so no paper required <whew>

    Where to begin...

    It is Fitzgerald’s' best work and yes, it is considered to be one of the great American novels.

    Mainly (I think) because --

    1. It described an elite society (which many Americans were not privileged to). So they could "fantasize" about being rich !!

    2. It takes place in the 1920s, a decade of great prosperity -- and in later decades, this has become a fascination with many Literature-Heads & Historians. (so the novel became "even bigger" over the years, even though it sold well, from the get-go

    3. One of 2 reasons it comes across boring. --

    -- a. Fitzgerald's "writing style" is not for everybody -- no one today writes like that for obvious reasons -- they don't live in the 1920s

    -- b. Maybe the story is not your "cup 'o tea" -- this is perfectly normal. There is this pseudo-intellectual "belief system" of "How can you not like Gatsby, etc." -- <YAWN> -- "because not all stories "speak" to people the way they do to others!! Now, go away!!"

    4 Those of "Liberal" politics LOVE this book, because it they see it as "Anti-Rich" (that's debatable), but that's another reason why it remains great -- a lot of "Literarys" are "Liberal" (yes, I love using "Quote Marks":))

    What I liked about it --

    1. Carraway (as you figured-out) is NOT privileged and is "in awe" of Gatsby and his Materialistic world (so would I, if I had a million bucks!!)

    2. So the POV of the book is from Carraway - the only character who is truly "out of place" in this "world"

    3. Gatsby obviously is nice to Nick, but takes everything for granted (because he's freaking RICH!! - I'd do the same tho, ;)

    4. I forgot the name of the Gal that Gatsby "does" -- but in the end you can see that he even takes Her for granted; and Nick has to clean-up Gatsby's mess.

    5. So, while Gatsby is "Great" in wealth -- he not "good"

    6. (why am i using numbers??) -

    Okay, so in the end -- Nick hates Gatsby, and see that all the Wealth, that he was so "enchanted" by -- is not worth "what it does to people"

    Moving ahead about 30 yrs --

    It was always assumed by 1950s America, that Nick was "straight"

    There is still no proof otherwise -- but, College Literature Professors LOVE it when someone thinks that Carraway was Gay!!

    Now, it is certainly possible, given Fitzgerald's "lifestyle" that he meant Nick to be Gay ( it's a choice, ya know?? :)) -- but, I just don't see it, in this story.

    It's a fair argument, but I truly think Nick was Straight -- because he also feels something for Daisy (is that her name??!!)

    Either way -- I think if you put Nick as "Queer for Gatsby" -- you miss the point of the Story!!, which is Nick's journey through the "emotionless" world of the Uber-Wealthy.

    I think Nick is "blown-away" by Gatsby's "world" -- but I do not think he is Gay.

    Back to your Question --

    This book is considered "a masterpiece" because of reasons I said above, but because in the world of Liberal Literature Professors --

    -- They love how it is so "Anti-Rich" and that Nick is Gay {wrong}

    I am NOT bashing Liberalism -- I am just saying that it is "one viewpoint" and the one that "drives" the belief that this is a Great Novel.

    For you teacher --

    * Despite all that I have said -- When you do your paper, I BET, you will "score points" if you raise the hypothetical of "Is Nick queer for Gatsby"

    Usually, that impresses teachers.

    On the other hand -- I could be "dead wrong" !!!!!

    NOW --

    Hopefully, what I just wrote, is more Boring than Gatsby!!

    So, you need to go back and finish the book :)) lol

    I hope that this has not destroyed you belief, that I’m a really cool chick ;)

    Good Luck !!

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  • simone
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    I've read it. I'm not a fan of Fitzgerald's purple prose but I did find some aspects of Gatsby enjoyable and insightful. Familiarity with that work can be the source of endless jokes which make you appear oh so witty and urbane since that book is ubiquitous in American culture....that's probably the only benefit you'll get from it. It has endured because it uses the concept of "The American Dream," being born as a poor nobody then rising to fame and wealth through hard work and determination,

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    jay gatsby so loves daisy he revolves his entire life around her. he makes his millions in order

    to be worthy of her (he never sees any of her flaws, never) even though she rejected him and married for money, he still wants her back, no matter what the cost.

    when daisy's husband is cheating with a local mechanics wife, and daisy goes nuts. jay

    gets in the car with her and while she is driving, she accidentally runs over the mechanics wife.

    the mechanic thinks it was gatsby driving even so, gatsby makes it clear he would never turn over

    daisy to police or anyone.

    daisy goes home, gatsby goes home, while sleeping on a float in his pool, the mechanic comes

    up and shoots gatsby dead. the only one to show up at his funeral was daisy's cousin andGatsby'ss

    friend. the cousin knows what a greedy little no conscience bit h she is and seems relieved

    she goes on to europe with her husband andkidss.

    there is so more, but it's a masterpiece especially for its time. we see a lot of books and movies out know about obsessive love affairs, but usually the girl his stalked by some guy and it almost

    always turns out bad for her. this is the reverse, this guy really adored this woman, never saw

    anythingg in her but perfection. really very sad.

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    Omg, I'm reading it right now. It's next to me on the table this minute. It's great if you look at the imagery and the use of colours. The references are all through it. Also, the focus on time and the way if affects the characters' lives. Also, the contrast between Nick and Gatsby is interesting. I read it at school too and loved it. I haven't read it since until now and I still love it. I guess it's not for everyone though. Lucky for you, it's a short book!

    Edit: Also, look out for lots of references to cars which refers to control or lack of control. Lots of imagery in this book.

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    What!? Emma, you're kidding right? I really liked that book. Well yea, it might have been a little event less, but I still liked it. Reading it for school may be different though. I read it in the summer on the beach when I had nothing better to do.

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    its boring to read but the actual story is good, i liked reading the summaries and whatnot.

    Gatsby is such a relatable character

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  • That the basic instinct of human beings are to be admired as something special ,even if this instinct leads to pain and and problems.

    Been a long time since i read it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    F Scott Fitzgerald is it ?

    I read it at school and preferred the film later

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it's a good book.

    when you're older, you'll understand.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    go back to reading your Twilight...

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