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When you visit a church like Lakewood in Houston?

Do you truly feel as if you're going to a regular church service to praise God or do you just feel as if you're going to an attraction/event to see "Joel Osteen--the guy off the tv"?

I've just always wondered if going to a church with such a famous pastor feels any different.

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    I go to glean the truth of God's word from a pastor. Now Joel Osteen has a definte anointing. But he is just one of many anointings. We need to follow those, like the bible says in hebrews 6th chapter, follow those who through faith and patience recieve the promises in the covenant. I would never go to a church that is broke and cannot pay its bills. Or to one where the pastor or his flock are steeped in sin.Listen to what he is saying, have knowledge of God's word, then decide whether you want to attend his church.

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    I live about six blocks from the Lakewood Church... there is traffic but the police do a great job of directing it, and there is much parking. Just get there a bit early... and be prepared. Wife Victoria will remind you to tithe 10 % of your income. That part is never shown on TV. Since Joel just built a mansion in River Oaks ( most expensive residential section of Houston), Miss Vicky may ask for more.

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    My Pastor is on tv, not as famous as Joel but on tv. Yes we feel as if we are going to a regular church. Because it is true that scripture, or it seems like its applies to us or my church.

    Mar 6:4 But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

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    I visited once, and I felt as if I was going to a concert. I found myself so excited to hear him preach! & then I found out he wasn't even there, his brother preached. but still it was amazing!

    Lakewood is an amazing/hugee church!

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