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Is your anger endothermic or exothermic reaction?

That is, are you an anger in person OR an anger out person ?

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    LOL. It is exothermic for sure.

    If I'm angry I start shouting at people...Oh well you know that :D

    Or sometimes my face turns really red and sometimes I give really weird

    So yeah it's definitely exothermic.

    However,If I'm at a public place then I may just argue but at the end I just remain quiet with that anger in my heart.At that point I feel like banging the person but then slowly the endothermic reaction cools it down... :D

    ~Smile :)

  • 1 decade ago chemistry days are back to haunt me

    Never knew it would come in handy.

    I am definitely an exothermic reaction. I need a way to express my anger always, be it by cursing, swearing, abusing, insulting, physically destroying things etc. I can have an endothermic reaction for a short amount of time, however it needs to be expressed and transformed into exothermic.

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    Highly endothermic...i think it works better that way!!!

    i just cant think of keeping that anger in myself and feel suffocated,the best way is let it out:)

    makes me feel a lot better!!!

    lol..i just got my chem wrong..i meant exothermic...*runs*

    complicated qs*runs again*

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    It depends. I think right now it is so exothermic that I have to sleep it through.

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    i dont understand..

    this is supposed 2 be chemistry did u get biology in it?

    i mean...anger n endo/exo thermic??


    i wanna know...

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    And you are an retard!

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