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I need help, please help me?

Hilary Swank (Erin Gruwell)

Patrick Dempsey (Scott Casey)

Imelda Staunton (Margaret Campbell)

Scott Glenn (Steve Gruwell)

April Lee Hernandez (Eva Benitez)

Mario (Andre Bryant)

Jason Finn (Marcus)

Hunter Parrish (Ben Daniels)

These people are the main characters of the film "Freedom Writers".

Could you give me their characteristics? Please?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I haven't seen it

    but I can give you a tip on what to look out for.

    Movie characters have a theme, this heavily adds to their characteristics

    Jealousy, hypocrisy, narcissism, etc

    Each character will have a different theme, one will be narcisstic and another will be jealous.

    Really old low budget movies are VERY basic with this. Some of them only really have 3 themes for characters, optimism, pessimism and neutral. Which is pretty funny because in every scene with these 3 characters who are discussing the absence of the hero, goes like this...

    Pessimist says "lets go, he's dead already"

    Optimist says "no we should wait!! he might still be alive"

    Neutral really just says "I'm down for whatever" (doesn't actually say down for whatever, but something like it)

    That's like a pretty basic run through of character themes. It usually defines their personalities within movies.

    Another important thing to look out for is text and subtext (although this doesn't so much define characteristics as theme does it's still a bit relevant)

    Text is what a person says he wants, subtext is what the person reallly wants.

    For example if a guy goes up to a girl and says "that's a nice dress" that's text

    the subtext of this is that he's really trying to get in bed with her

    So I suppose you could say a character is charming if he says "nice dress"

    Or if the character just says "you look hot" he isn't beating around the bush... You could remark on the characters social abillity, he might socially awkward.

    anyway, I haven't seen freedom fighters, but themes and text / subtext are a must in character writing formulae so they're in every movie. You just have to look for it

    Source(s): Film student
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  • 1 decade ago
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