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    Sam 你好,

    個人淺見提供參考 :

    1. endue : give qualities or abilities to ; provided or endowed with some quality or power

    賦予...(才能、天資);授予[(+with)] ref1

    He prayed to God night and day to endue him with the spirit of holiness.


    The saint is indueded with power from god.


    ***同義字 : invest, endow, indue

    2. prospect : belief about (or mental picture of) the future ; a vision of the future; what is foreseen; expectation

    指望;預期;盼望的事物 ref2

    There is no immediate prospect of his returning soon.


    ***同義字 : expectation, outlook

    3. 這產品將會被賦予(充滿了)更高的期待

    This product will be endued with more prospect.

    This product will be invested with more expectation.

    或甚至直接簡單白話的表達 :

    This product will be highly expected.

    (although the more expectation the more disappointment. ^_^)

    2010-01-13 18:42:41 補充:

    sorry for typo...

    The saint is indued with power from god.

    Source(s): me and Google, hope to help you a little...
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    這裡我建議用 entitle

    This product will be entitled to a higher expectation.


    entitle /ɪnˈtaɪtl/ DJ

    /ɪn'taɪtḷ/ KK


    to give somebody the right to have or to do something 使享有權利;使符合資格 often passive ~ sb to sth

    You will be entitled to your pension when you reach 65. 你到 65 歲就有資格享受養老金。 VN

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. 人人都有權發表自己的意見。

    This ticket does not entitle you to travel first class. 你拿這張票不能坐頭等艙。

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