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If we are the richest, strongest and most powerful country in the world...?

then does it make sense that many Americans fall to their knees shaking in fear over 200 or 300 al Qaeda members?

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    My sentiments exactly TY! There are a bunch of scared wimps in this country! They talk a big tough game from one side of their mouths: "America will kick every country's @ss", and from the other side of it: "The Muslims are going to kill all Americans for our freedoms!" So WHICH way is it? America is so tough that it can kill every other army in every other country, OR, the Muslims are coming here to kill everyone despite how tough this military is supposedly? Geeze!

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    First of all, we aren't the richest, strongest, most powerful nation.

    Second of all, there are more than 200 or 300 Al Qaeda members.

    Lastly, the Reagan admin funded them, trained them, and armed them to prevent soviet expansion.

    Do you see the USSR expanding?

    in life, the smart man fears those who don't have anything to lose, far more than any other opponent.

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    Because, a small force is more often than not superior to a large one. It's the whole basis behind the US special forces. You can hide in plain sight, and fight on more favorable terms than are possible when you're using a whole ******* army.

    That being said, it's a matter of principle. And religion, I think. Ah, religion, you've made this world a shittier place one more time. Oh, and don't call me Atheist. Please, don't do that. Atheists are just as religious as Jews, Muslims, and Christians. It takes a **** ton of faith to say there is no higher power.

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    cause americans are told to do so by the media?

    why else would people give a ****?

    we have to worry more about dying from the "normal flu" more then being killed by al queda.... i mean 9-11 was bad but seriously only tens of thousands have died from them, yet we spend trillions invading another country and putting up anti-terrorism beuracracies THAT DONT EVEN WORK, for a few hundred al quada??....

    its a waste of money and its like trying to say UL GET RID OF EVERY GERM IN UR HOUSE by spraying it with bleach... ul get rid of a lot BUT NOT ALL!!!! same with al quada, well never get them all, thats impossible...

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    I'm sorry but I have NEVER seen any American on their knees shaking before Al Queada, quite the contrary, they are hiding from our Marines and shaking when their caught. BLUECHRISTMAS: "Thanks to republicans we have them as enemies!?" Where the hell were you on 9/11 when these cowards launched their sneak attack on innocent people, there is nothing more cowardly. That is what made them our enemies. Or would you prefer to call them friend?

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    If you read the response to this question by our fellow participants it demonstrates a variety of opinions that you can side with unless you have the time and patience to review world history and its conflicts. You may then have an opinion of your own that makes sense to you.

    Source(s): History.
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    The freemasons are in control of the world and they are the one thing we must fear most. If you don't believe me just look in the yellow pages and you will find a masonic lodge in your town.

  • Anonymous
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    What the hell is wrong with you?

    Seriously, they have high kill ratios. On 9/11 it took 7 terrorists to kill nearly 3,000 Americans.

    Plus they are Global and can recruit people to suicide constantly.

    Nidal the Fort Hood Shooter killed 14 Americans.

    You're such a spoiled brat that takes freedom for granted. Go live in Cuba.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well only about 20 of them on 9/11 killed over 3,000. brought down 2of the strongest buildings in the world. and successfully attacked the pentagon. and having fought them myself street by street and house by house i can tell you they are not just a bunch of camel jockeys like you seem to think.

    and FYI. Obama himself (a democrat) also recognizes them as a treat.

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