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Poll: Do you believe in aliens?

what colour do u think aliens are in?

i mean to say do u think there r diff. creatures who live outside our earth?

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    Definitely. I believe that there are other planet's that are capable of sustaining life just as Earth. I also believe that aliens are not these green skinned, black bug eyed creatures zooming around space in a UFO. I believe they are humans (or a different name for a similar species such as us). They don't know about us and we don't know about them, or we do... and the government is hiding yet ANOTHER secret. *Sigh*

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    They come in different colors and races. Some are gray and others are Green etc. Some are Mars-spaceaterian etc.

    Yes they do unless You run into a person in America that looks a little different or like an alien. I have a few alienfriends but I've gotten used to Them.

  • Lauren
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    4 years ago

    We live in an endless system. We are proof that intelligent life can live in it. You would need to be very, very stupid to think that we are the only beings out there. I am sure there will be countless numbers of non-human intelligence. Why do NASA get followed by UFOs every time they go to space? Do you actually think the governments would tell us if they did exist? Of course aliens have visited the planet. They monitor us like we monitor animals. They could probably zoom in and out on our planet from years away. How do you explain abductions? Okay, maybe, you might think they are all in the imagination, but its impossible for every single report to be imagined.

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    I do think that somewhere out there in the universe thousands of light years away there is another planet similar to Earth that is capable of supporting intelligent lifeforms. I can't really imagine what aliens would be like. They're probably kind of similar to humans but with some differences.

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  • SueBee
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    I believe in aliens. I imagine a creature that looks a lot like a human,but with grayish green skin and large black eyes.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, there is gotta be something alive out there.

    I think the aliens are colorful or blue like the ones in Avatar xD

    gawd O_O avatar is ******* amazing xD

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    It will be foolhardy to believe that in so vast a universe having innumerable planets/stars, there is life only in Earth. So I believe in aliens.

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    Yeah Texas is full of Aliens: You got the Bushes, you got the Jerry Jones: All Aliens:

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    yes I do

    donno the color

    scientist always try to find earh like conditions e.g. water, oxygen etc but this is not necessary that life could not exist without these elements. There might be some other system in the universe. just like we have adapted to live on oxygen, they might have adapted themselves to live on diff element of nature


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    aliens are green and 1000 of aliens live out side our earth

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