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Filing a VFR Flight Plan?

I'm confused. One person just asked if you need to file a VFR flight plan, and like eight people said no, but I just spent a semester at Embry-Riddle learning that it WAS required. Am I mistaken, is there some nuance that I missed that would explain that? I realize you'd need to file IFR, but I could've sworn you need to file a VFR plan every time.


@RickH: You're probably right, it must be just mandated by my school, and yes, they are Part 141 certified. I'd probably file them regardless just to be on the safe side. Thanks all

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    There are three levels of mandate that you have to deal with.

    The FAA, there might be some special circumstance that I am overlooking, there is no need to file a VFR flight plan EVER.

    The school. They might have a requirement that all of their students file a flight plan for all x-country flights. Further, if they hold a 141 certificate, then their requirements almost take on the mandate of an FAA Reg. This is a very valid safety and flight following concern.

    Your personal requirements. If you feel that it is required, then it is. As the PIC, you make decisions and personal policies that are almost as important as the rest. If you lose an engine, and go down in a field, where should the rescuers look?

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    you dont have to file a vfr flight plan. the only time i file is if im going someplace that doesnt have radar reception to file a flight plan only means that if you dont show up at your location on time then they know the route you went to start looking for you. most people including me just try to get flight following so we can get traffic advisories then there is no reason to have a flight plan cuz they already see you on the screen. if they cant give you flight following you can still just call up flight service and file a flight plan in the air.

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    Not required for a VFR flight, but not a bad idea if it's going to cross country; particularly for distances over 50 mi.

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    You are mistaken, it's never required although sometimes a good idea (the DVFR is required for ADIZ penetration though, that's a different circumstance).

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    For sure

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