domestic abuse in a rental situation?

i'm pretty sure the husband who shares our duplex is abusive to his wife.

i want to do something about it, but i'm afraid that he will turn on me and my roommates if i contact someone. i'm definitely sure they'll know we are the ones who called because i don't think any of the neighbors can hear.

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    Call the non-emergency number at the local precinct police department and ask to talk to the detective that handles domestic violence. Tell him or her what you have been hearing. Alerting the officer that there is a problem situation will come in handy later, if the police are called. Your call will be documentation for the police to draw on if they pursue the issue. Ask for advice as to how you are to proceed if the violence continues.

    If the male neighbor menaces you in any way, report it to the police also.

  • 1 decade ago

    What makes you "pretty sure" that he's abusing his wife?

    Is it because you have a bona fide reason to think that way?

    Or is it just because he's a guy? (Unfortunately, "guilty until proven innocent" seems to be the rule for guys these days -- with rape, with domestic violence, and so on.)

    So, make an honest appraisal of your feelings. Do you have any real evidence or any real reason for believing he may be abusive.

    Or, again, is it just because he's a guy -- and because of a twisted feeling that "oh, guys just do this type of thing" ?

    Be honest.


  • Donyae
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    Just call the cops and put in an anonymous tip. I had downstairs neighbors like that and I called the cops every single time.

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