Do you have a Ditto in Pokemon Platinum/Diamond/Pearl?

Looking for any level ditto.Need for breeding :D . Just bought my DS and platinum a few days ago so i don't know how to use friend codes and all that stuff so if you wouldn't mind, could ya tell me how to use it? By the way i don't have many Pokemon sooo.... Thanks.


O.o No dittos but then again i guess this aint instant huh?

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    In Platinum version, you are able to obtain Ditto at Trophy Garden which is behind Mr. Backlot's without having to get the National Pokedex. But the Ditto has a %5 appearance rate, so they're pretty rare. You can also migrate a Ditto from your FireRed/LeafGreen, if you have one, and transfer it over to Platinum, but to do this, you must first obtain the National Pokedex from Professor Rowan and Oak. Getting the National Pokedex means you have to encounter all the Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex and beat the Pokemon League. Then you can migrate your Ditto to Pal Park. "Migrating" is when you insert a Pokemon GBA game into the GBA slot in the Nintendo DS, and then select "Migrate Pokemon" in the menu screen. You can only migrate every 24 hours, and the Pokemon must be in your PC box in order for it to be able to migrate.

    Your friend can either send the Pokemon to you via wireless if you're not too far apart, or your friend can send it to you over Wi-Fi if you are far apart. To transfer wireless, both you and your friend will need to get in close range of each. Turn on the game and go to the Pokemon Center, go upstairs, and talk to the first lady at the desk. She'll take you and your friend to the Union Room and you can trade there. To transfer Pokemon over Wi-Fi, you need to go to the basement in the Pokemon Center. Talk to one of the lady at the desk. You'll be taken to a "Wi-Fi screen" and your friends in-game name will appear on it if you two did it correctly. Select your friend's name and the option "Trade". Remember, both of you must have each other's FCs registered in the Pal Pad. You can get the Pal Pad from the lady in the Pokemon Center basement after successfully connecting to Wi-Fi.

    Here is how get your DS online, but you must able to connect to Wi-Fi. This website will explain how:

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