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Ball python plant question?

I have an 8 month old bbp and was wondering if putting one of those lucky bamboo plants in his tank. Are those poisonous to Ball pythons? I have tried every humidity trick in the book, and nothing works. Thanks in Advance:)

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    uhm im not sure about the bamboo. if i were you i would use a spider or jade plant because they are sturdy for a python to lay on, a bamboo plant will annoy the snake for the lack of how small they are and how they cannot climb on them, if you use the plants above listed i prefer putting them in a pot and adding soil then covering the top with rocks so you will not dirty the tank with soil water daily and you have a nice humidifier. Good luck.

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    vegetation choose some sort of soil or becoming sponge, so as that could throw out your concept right this moment. additionally look at toxicity, i'm not conscious of this plant, so off the genuine of my head i won't enable you to recognize for specific, yet an internet seek for "poisonous vegetation snakes" or replace with reptiles ought to offer you some links. one greater undertaking is the plant itself. outdoors you may decide to truly wash it and how are you able to make certain that is not donning something in with it? organic vegetation could make an remarkable enclosure, even though it superb finished with the help of planting the enclosure long till now the animal is even obtained. becoming your person vegetation ensures there isn't something presented to the snake.

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