Djibouti africa...........?

My husband and I are possibly traveling to this area for work. We are from the states, can anyone give me some facts about this place? Like what to wear being a foreign woman, and anything else you can tell me about the people and culture. What to watch out for, what to do and what not to do. Thanks!

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    djibouti is somalia i can tell you about Somalians because i have delt with them in business alot, but ive never been to djibouti.

    somailians are friendly people and like visitors and honour their guests, they help the needy to the extent they want to be helped and they have a kind of unity that i havent seen with anyother race before!!

    being conservative is the best way to go first off, they will probably love to be amongst a foreign women and they understand your culture is diffrent they wont expect you to be like them, i ve delt with many in busness and had no problems, but that expiriance i know doesnt speek for the whole nation

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    It is not as simple as that. When you go you will notice the people will appreciate your westernness but there are limits, you would have to assimilate to their culture for the most part so wearing native attire and things like that and learning signs on respect. In the middle east and Africa there are lots of things you'll need to learn about the culture that no one could just type here for you.You need to get as many books as you can before you go there. This website won't do you much good.

    Hope I helped and hope you and your husband enjoy your time there :) x

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