Is anyone else getting heaps of junk mail in your Yahoo! email account?

I have 76 emails in my Spam folder, and they came in only 12 hours. This is the biggest increase I've ever seen. Could it be that since more people are out of work, more scams are being developed? Hope not.


I'm not opening them. They are going straight to spam. Thanks for the tip on how to block an entire domain. Hadn't heard of that or blocking the part of the address before the @. I'm getting this increase only at my yahoo email. Nothing different is coming into my

Comcast account.

Maybe it's slowing down. I've gotten only 11 since my question was posted. I always check spam folder in case I put someone in by accident.

Update 2:

All this spam is going into my Spam folder. Right now, 1:38 P.M. EST I have

191 items in it. I cleared it no longer than 24 hours ago.

To the person who asked how to get rid of spam: punch the Spam button at the top of the email. Any emails from that address with now go into the Spam folder. Yahoo says they automatically check into spam that has a Yahoo email address. If you label something spam, it won't clutter your inbox anymore; however, always check what came in to see if something should have gone into the In box or if I mistakenly clicked spam for something by mistake.

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    I am as seems to be getting worse.

  • Lyn G
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    1 decade ago

    STOP opening them! Opening spam alerts the sender that your address is a valid one and they send you loads and loads more. You can not completely stop all spam, but you can help to put a big dent in it.

    Check mark them and click on 'Spam,' this should stop those addresses from being delivered to your inbox.

    Use your spam guard and block address.

    Look for the 'Options' link at upper right corner of mail screen and click on it

    Options /mail options

    Click on 'spam' in the list on the left.

    Make sure spam guard is on, by checking in the little box.

    Then in 'Blocked Email Addresses,' enter the E-mail address you wish blocked, in the box after 'Add a blocked address' and click on the 'add' button, then click on save changes at top left of screen.

    You will never get mail from that address again.

    This should help you to control your spam.

    Other tips:

    Do not ever open E-mail from people you do not know; and unless you are absolutely sure who it is from then treat them as spam.

    Never, ever give out your account information or other personal information to anyone.

    If you are on a site and you absolutely have to sign up for something, check the entire page to make sure you uncheck any lines wanting to send you any other info, notices, catalogs, ads, and the like.

    Added detail:

    Yes, spammers change one item in their addresses a lot, so you might try blocking the entire domain, by putting in


    for instance: *

    Or, if they change the domain, instead of the company name you can block the name by putting in Imatheft_inc@*

    Hope this helps

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    No I didn't get this e mail and it is surly a primitive way from an amateur Hacker to have your password. Be aware that yahoo (as an E mail provider) is committed by law to keep and save all the users data (whatever it is correct or not ) and back it up. From another hand every time we log in yahoo, we send ( through the log form ) to yahoo data base our PW and e mail address which captured and compared with the data which yahoo has and under his control. If for whatever reason yahoo has lost this data (your e mail and password), you will not be able to log in P&S and post this question :-) Be save

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    Yes. I usually have about 12 per day. About 7 years ago, I got a new email account b/c it just go ridiculous.

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  • 700_up
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    I get a fair amount but it shouldn't bother if it's going into your spam folder, just don't check that.

  • 1 decade ago

    im getting heaps of junk mail i do not want. how do i stop this?

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