What are two things we Muslims need to do to achieve victory in the Dunia?

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    go back to the core ethics & situation handling that Islam is teaching " not easy as it sounds"

    go back to the concept of unity with Muslim's " not sect's" only Muslims for starters.

    the mistrust surrounding the muslims of the world is really sickening.

    then we start to achieve

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    The duty of all true believers is to develop unshakable Iman (faith).



    * Dunya - The earth world in which we live; the world of physical existence; the darkness which separated from Allah at the time when the light of the Nur Muhammad manifested from within Allah.


    What two things become necessary for a human being to achieve victory within the dunya?

    "One must learn to live within the dunya, yet be not of the dunya."

    Does that sound familiar? Was Prophet Isa (pbuh) correct?

    Peace be always with you.

    in sha'Allah


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    1. Fearing Allah [swt] and relying on Him alone [not on U.N., PHD's, or our Bank accounts] -see surah 65:2-4

    2. Purifying our hearts from the spiritual diseases and becoming pure worshipers.

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    Assalamu Aleykum wr wb

    Unity ,..... ..as you see the ummah is divided into shi'a , sunni and wahhabites conflict.

    Faith......... in Allah s.w.t.

    Morality.....Money counts now-a-day more than a human life

    Peace.......is what is missing in this world now

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    One thing only By following commandments of Allah !

    And then doing jihad(to strive /struggle) against evil

    you know Allah will humiliate Muslims when they would leave jihad (to strive against evil) by

    writing and by standing ....against evil of our selves and all kinds of evils of society as a nation.......

    In this world the craven coward is humiliated and enslaved, he is a follower, not a leader. In the

    Hereafter, neglecting jihad will be a cause of Allaah's punishment.

    “When you engage in ‘aynah transactions (a kind of transaction intended to circumvent the

    prohibition on riba or usury), and you take hold of the tails of oxen and you are content with

    agriculture (at the time when jihad is obligatory), and you give up jihad,

    then Allaah will send upon you humiliation that will not be dispelled until you return to your religion,

    Allaah will send upon you humiliation that will not be dispelled until you return to your religion,

    Allaah will send upon you humiliation that will not be dispelled until you return to your religion.”

    Abu Dawood (3462)

    Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) indeed spoke the truth, for the

    one who looks at the state of the Muslims today will see that they have become very careless

    about their religion. They consume riba and they are focused on this world, and they have neglected

    jihad for the sake of Allaah. And what is the result?

    Allaah has subjected them to humiliation, and they turn to the east and to the west, humiliated and

    lowly, asking them for support against their enemies, and they do not realize [?] that this

    humiliation will not be lifted from them until they go back to their religion as the truthful Messenger

    (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said.

    Muslims go back to your faith then only Allah will lift up the

    punishment of humiliation

    why does Allah humiliate us ? because to wake up Muslims wake up....

    Because “You are the best of people, evolved for the service of mankind; enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah.” (Al – Imran 3:110)

    And where we stand ? our duty was to good deeds and to guide others but we ourselves ............

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    1 decade ago

    Worship & Do good for the Allmighty.

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    We Need To Find Our Soul ...

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    1 decade ago

    follow the prophet PBUH

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    1 decade ago

    Make kids with 4 wives

    Become a camel jockey

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    they need to start eating sausages

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