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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsMedicine · 1 decade ago

What do you learn in a degree in medicine?

I know this sounds stupid, but I know that you have to take biology and chemistry, but in a degree in medicine would you be taught the same things as you do in the chemistry a-level? I don't quite see the link.

Tell me everything (section wise) you learn. Thanks

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    There is no link...they make you take the prerequisites mainly to ensure you can handle a massive workload...although the biology does help.

    Heres a quick curriculum breakdown:

    1st year

    Genes-cells (basic bio)







    All sections include anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and basic imaging (xray/CT/ultrasound/MRI)

    In addition, a course is given on talking to patients and taking vitals.

    2nd year:






    Nervous System

    All sections include pathology, pathophysiology, microbiology, and diagnosis.

    In addition, you take a class which goes over physical exams of each body part and continue refining patient interaction.

    3rd year:

    Rotate through the following areas of medicine in the hospital:

    Medicine (10 weeks)

    Surgery (8 weeks)

    OB/GYN (6 weeks)

    Pediatrics (6 weeks)

    Psychiatry (6 weeks)

    Family Practice (6 weeks)

    Neurology (4 weeks)

    Primary Care Outpatient (6 weeks)

    Anesthesiology (2 weeks)

    Emergency Medicine (2 weeks)

    Geriatric and Palliative Care (6 weeks)

    4th year:

    Take 20 weeks worth of electives and finish the above rotations.

    Go on residency interviews and match to the specialty you want

    This is just how it is at my school. Other schools do it differently.

    Source(s): Medical Student
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Try 'Seek learning'.

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