Congratz to Bama for a victory.?

Both sides has a good story. A slum team only three years ago and back to glory only last year, and ready to challenge anyone who stood in their way. Then Texas, a 45-7 record in Colt McCoy, no running game, a supposed great defense, and a capable offense who looked to the higher power. Both great stories, but it's how the game was played on the field that mattered. Being a Texas fan, this is a bitter pill to swallow, and seeing Colt McCoy go down didn't make make matters easier. I know how the OU fans out there feel now. That really sucks. Without him, our team really couldn't do anything. I don't however...see why it would affect our defense for the rest of the first half. The defense let their head down, and it proved with the 17 unanswered points against the defense. THen to make matters worst Mack Brown and Garrett Gilbert's bonehead "safe-call" shovel pass to make it 24-6 at the half. Brown has made some bad calls before, but this was by far the worst I've ever seen. Garrett...all I gotta say is did a fine job trying to take Colt's spot, and mounting a comeback was magnificent to see. The 37-21 score is closer than it looked. To see a true freshman with no playing time, only in mop-up duties, do what he did in the second half was awesome. I see a great QB in him and yes, he reminded me of Chad Henne is some ways. He has a lot potential, and has the intangables...but he needs to learn to take the sack, or throw the ball away and needs to learn the defense a little better.

Ingram and Richardson are about to become the deadless Thunder and Lightning running game in the NCAA. Wow. We have a good run defense, we really do, but Bama has a way better running game. They looked like the 2008 Tennessee Titans, when LenDale White and Chris Johnson were ruling the gridiron. McElroy looked like a freshman though, when he tried to make things happen, he couldn't. He has potential, but he won't be the best I don't think, we'll see. This team looks poised to make another NC run, because there is no way in hell that Florida is getting in the way, and I see no one else up for the challenge except for maybe LSU. Congratz again to Bama...stay classy and don't let Nick Saban's arrogance get stuck in y'alls head. Let the south continue to rule football like it should.

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    you and Mental are the only class Texas fans I have seen on here. so please look past any Texas bashing I may do no here for the next few days.

    for both of your sakes I hope you hold your heads high.

    for all the other texas fans on here, now you know what the other teams that got the short end of the stick of you games felt like. it was no different than what happened against Oklahoma, and several bad call that cost the Huskers the Big 12 title.

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    Who would have thought Colt would be out of the game? My heart goes out to him.

    Gilbert done a fine job! I was very impressed with his second half play. Sure there are things he needs to work on...he IS a freshman, after all. The biggest thing I seen was staring down receivers, you have to learn to look off defenders...that comes in time. His performance was admirable. At one point I thought Texas really had a shot at winning.

    Congratulations to Alabama on a great season and a good game.

    Now long until Saban decides to abandon Alabama like he has every other team? The guy is still a snake and will disappoint eventually...

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    Great team. Great game. Never doubted for a moment that Bama was going to pull it off. Hated it that Colt had to leave the game so early. But that's what the game is all about. The great Coach Bear Bryant is smiling down on Alabama today. Saban is a great coach also and made Alabamians very proud. ROLLLLLL TIDE!!!!!

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    Congrats to my Crimson Tide football!!!!!Texas can't touch us!!!

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    Go texas!!!, we'll get them boys next year.

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    Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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