I have A Question on the BOOK The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett?

Okay i am doing a presentation on this book tomorrow and i need some points up on some questions... please helpful ANSWERS! <3

-where and how did mary find the key to the secret garden?

- where is frances hodgson burnett from?

- who are mr and mrs crawford?

-who is mrs medlock, and what is her part in the book?

please people if you could really just concentrate most on answering at least the first and third question you qould help me tremendously and i would greatly appreciate it (:

btw i know might be rude but i need answers quick

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    Mary finds the ring due to the robin digging for worms, the key is in a hole where the robin is digging.

    Frances Hodgson Burnett was born in Manchester, England, in 1849,but emigrated with her mother to New market, Tennessee, in 1865

    Mr and Mrs Crawford are the couple with whom Mary stays when she is first orphaned. They have lots of children whom Mary dislikes.

    Mrs Medlock is the housekeeper at Misslethwaite Manor. Her most significant scene is early in the book where she comes to meet Mary and bring her to Misslethwaite. She talks about mary's uncle Mr Craven, and tells mary about how much he loved his wife, and how they used to spend time together in a special garden. This arouses mary's curiosity and sparks her interest in the garden. After this scene, Mrs medlock does not play a very big role in the book, she appears occassionally but doesnt have any more important scenes.

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    The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a fine children's story about how three children become friends after the discovery of a hidden garden within the grounds of the large English mansion where they all live. The story is particularly notable for the way it resembles traditional storytelling of the era it was written - with the exception of a chapter in the middle of the book where a spaceship crashes into the garden. Fortunately the clean up process does not take long and the spaceship is never mentioned in the book again.

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    Mary is walking along an ivy covered wall, admiring Ben Weatherstaff's robin. There was a nearly bare flower bed, and the robin was hopping along under the shrubs, and he hopped over a pile of freshly upturned earth, then stopped on the loose dirt to look for a worm. The earth was freshly upturned because a dog had been trying to dig up a mole, and he dug quite a deep hole. Mary sees something almost buried there that looks like a ring of rusty iron or brass. It was in fact an old key that looked like it had been buried for a long time.

    The Crawford's are the family Mary goes to stay with at first after her family dies. Mr. Crawford is a poor English clergyman, and there are also 5 Crawford children with whom Mary does not like nor gets along with. They wear shabby clothes and snatch toys from one another.

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    is that the story there is sick boy in the house???I love that story!!

    most of those questions have their answers at the beginning!!!!!!!

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