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Joker boot knife from Dark Knight?

If you've seen the movie "The Dark Knight" you will know at one point, when they are at Harvey Dent's birthday party, the Joker and his croonies come in. At one point to attack Batman the Joker makes a small blade pop out from the tip of his shoe. I was wondering if anyone knows if any are for sale or how to make one? I have already found a video of a person that made one and tells you how it works, but he doesn't give instruction on how to make them, any ideas anyone?

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    Most malls now days have sword stores or asian stores that sell swords I have seen the Joker's knife shoes in a few sword stores. They are expensive though. You could also look for online sword stores. I remember seeing one that sells the swords from highlander, Lord od the Rings, Kill Bill and Final Fantasy. I actually own cloud's sword from FF7.

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    Dark Knight Boots

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    They don't sell the Jokers boot knife any where what you'll find is the OTF knife that was used to make it.

    There's a great forum that has a lot of info on projects like that, but even on this site the person who is building it is still trying to figure it out. The site is really informative once you get the hang of navigating it I didn't post a link to the boot blade because you need to be a member to access the page but it's free to join

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    They're the exact same shoe knifes from James Bond & Get Smart. A most excelent way to get arrested for a few days & pay a large fine when someone rats out that you even own one.

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