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What do you think of my new favorite names?


Zoey Claire

Logan Alexa

Justine Brielle

Lexi Christine


Bentley Cole

Lyndon Carter

Brody Thomas

...any suggestions for the boys? i like more uncommon names. i haven't been able to come up with any. thanks (:

suggestions [for boys and girls], opinions, and ratings are greatly appreciated (: thanks!

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    Zoey Claire: 8/10

    Logan Alexa: 10/10

    Justine Brielle: 8/10

    Lexi Christina: 2/10. I hate the name Lexi.

    Bentley Cole: 9/10

    Lyndon Carter: 6/10

    Brody Thomas: 7/10


    Kylan Connor

    Killian Kale

    Carl Barrett

    Trevor Stewart

    Judah Frances

    Hollie Elsa

    Raina Kennedy

    Judith Jade

    Jacey Alexis

    Samara Presley

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    Zoey Claire [i don't like the spelling Zoe :p] - the best name but the "y" on the end of Zoey makes it look childish, Claire is an elegant and classy name

    Logan Alexa - Logan - don't like at all. It's a masculine sounding surname, Alexa ok

    Lexi Christine - Lexi ok, Christine good

    Justine Brielle - Justine ok, Brielle is awful, sounds like bri-nylon.


    Bentley Cole - Bentley is a car, Cole meh

    Brody Thomas - Brody ok love Thomas - the best on your list

    Lyndon Carter - no to both

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  • 1 decade ago

    Zoey Claire- meh..... Zoey and Claire don't really fit together well.....

    Logan Alexa- Logan is too masculine!! Alexa is ok

    Justine Brielle- Justine is nice, Brielle

    Lexi Christine- Same as Zoey Claire, Lexi and Christine just don't go together

    Bentley Cole- It's ok, the name Bentley is kind of cool.

    Lyndon Carter- Lydon reminds me of Linda, Carter is ok.

    Brody Thomas- I hate the name Brody, it reminds me of school bullies. It's also not nice to say, "Brou- Dee" ewww, Thomas is nice

    I've always liked the name Aiden

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    Zoey Claire- i like it but i like the spelling Zoe better

    Logan Alexa- Logan is a boys name in my oppinon

    Justine Brielle- well Justine is my name I love it. But Brielle not so much

    Lexi Christine- love it

    Bentley Cole- love it alot

    Lyndon Carter- not so much, its alright

    Brody Thomas- not much of a fan.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like the name Bentely it is pretty=]

    im curently prego and nameing my little one sophia

    have you thought of names like

    noah, or sabastion, kaib, or amilia, scarlett... those are names you dont hear to offten

    Source(s): 18 weeks prego
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