will my dad say im to young to date someone 18 almost 19?

Im just turned 14 a week ago, he said i cant date until 17. what will he say or do if i got against him? or what would you do if your kid did this? I figure that maybe if i just date someone he will get over the I cant date till im 17 thing?

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    It would be like illegal if you did that... I'm 15 and allowed to date but I think my dad would kill some guy if he was 19 and I was hanging out with him! Just listen to your dad! He knows what he's talking about. Seriously though, for your father's sake as well as your known, DON'T date a 19 year old guy.

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    If the guy is 18 or 19, and he's interested in a 14 year old, he's probably a bit of a creeper. Dating before 16 or 17 is a strange thing, because guys that age just aren't mature enough to handle real relationships.

    However, kids tend to just do what they want, so here's my advice if you won't take the one above: make sure your parents meet the guy before you date him. Going behind their back will only freak them out no matter how nice he is. My parents had the same rule yours do, no dating until 17, but they met the guy because we worked on a project together. So they knew him when he asked me out. We were 16. He was still really immature though.

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    At 14 you're too young to be dating a 18/19 year old. However I think a ban on dating until 17 is too draconian.

    Try proposing a compromise - you'll only go on group dates for the time being until you've demonstrated you can handle dating responsibly.

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    That's a really big age difference and that big of a difference can be illegal. You if you find someone closer to your age, he would be more open to it. You being 14 and the other person being almost 19, that's about a 5 year difference and that can be very disturbing for a parent when you're at the age you are.

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    I think that if you're going to date someone, at least date someone your own age. It depends how old you are now on whether he's being legit in his decision or not though, I guess. I would try to work things out with him, instead of just completely going against what he wants just because you want what you want. Try making a deal with him perhaps? I think 16 is a good age.

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    All the girls I met that started dating at a young age turned out to be sluts, and have children, and you can give me a low rating or whatever, but I'll send you links to their myspace, and facebook pages so you can judge for yourself

    If you're 14 don't talk to 18 and 19 year olds. I was 18 and 19 years old once, and we would hit on young girls just to mess around with them because it was some kind of sick tabu for us. I'm telling you this because I was one of those guys, and all the guys I know that mess around with younger girls talk so much **** behind their backs.

    you're parents have all the right to keep you away from these guys.

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    I think you should date, your a teenager so go for it.

    But going out with someone that old ? Not a good idea

    to get your dad to "let" you date. I know age doesnt

    matter but thats a big difference for someone as young

    as you are whos just starting out dating so to say.

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    Not for nothing, but if your 14, you are too young to go out with a 19 year old! If you did it to teach your dad a lesson, thats freaken awesome! But if you really want to, you might wanna look at the onders guys perspective. Hes going out with a 14 year old? Its obvious he wants something! Stay safe!

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    Well I can't say for sure. It all works out differently. My mom was 13 and my dad was 18 when they got together and they've been married 21 years.

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    Not sure why an 18 yr old would be interested in a high school freshman..anyway your dad will let you date when he thinks your mature and responsible enough, talk to him and tell him how you feel.

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