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How long do lip tattoos last for?

And any other info on lip tattoos would be helpful :)

Thanks :)

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    Inner lip tattoos can last from 1to 5 years depending on the amount of acids in the mouth. It varies from person to person.

    Lip tattoos are iffy in terms of will it stay or will it fade away... Although, typically, inner lip tattoos fade, there are cases where the tattoo will be fine upon first application. But usually, you'll need to go in for a number of touchups if you want the tattoo to remain permanent.

    As for the pain of a lip tattoo... Well, like any tattoo the actual pain will vary among your pain tolerance, but surprisingly, most people say that the getting tattooed in your inner lip is not as painful as other locations.

    As for aftercare of lip tattoos, all you need to remember is basic mouth wash. You need to rinse your mouth before and after you get the tattoo, as well as after meals and after smoking. You want to hold off eating for a few hours after the initial tattoo, as well.

    But, in general, lip tattoos should not be treated any different than any other tattoo. Make sure to find a reputable tattoo shop and a reputable tattoo artist. And remember that lip tattoos are like regular tattoos, in regards to the thiner the line and the closer the letters are together, the more likelihood that the tattoo will fade and become unreadable after time.

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    Lip TATTOOS.

    Inner lip tattoos are said to be less painful, compared to tattooing on the other parts of the body. Before, tattooing make sure you rinse your mouth properly. They'll give you some mouthwash to rinse with.

    After the tattooing is done, do not eat any kind of food or liquid, or even smoke for a prescribed number of hours.

    After which make sure that you rinse your mouth before and after every meal.

    They usually don't last more than a year. You will frequently have to get touch ups.

    Sometimes they end up looking faded and/or smudged.

    Honestly, i wouldn't

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  • Do you mean, the permanent makeup kind, where they put red pigment on the lips, like lipstick, or do you mean those tattoos that wannabe gangsters get on the INSIDE of the lip, so that they can stick their fingers in their mouths and pose all tough while flashing "Dookie" at the world when they get their picture taken?

    Yeah, those are lame. The good news is, they don't last too long for most people. They wear off in months to maybe a couple years, so by the time those kids snap out of it, the tattoo is mostly gone.

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  • 4 years ago

    20 to 25 years

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    They last forever. You get it done, you like it, then six months down the road you notice it's looking weird, so you go get it touched up. Another six months pass, and it looks like a blob on your inner lip, then you realize, why did I do this? Although the ink will forever be in your lip, the design, or letters as most people get, will look like a big blob of ink.

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    How long will tattoos be cool is the better question. Mild cosmetic tattoos are one thing, but all these gigantic tattoos that you see EVERYWHERE now, including the NBA, are going to be so out of style soon, and ALL those fools are going to be sorry.

    "hey little sonny, see these tattoos that grandpa has on his neck? Yah, don't be stupid like me when you are young."

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    They last forever !! They do not tattoo the entire lip just your lip line, and I suggest that you do not do it....I have a friend who had it done and she continuously gets infections around her mouth, your mouth is the dirtiest part of your body many germs and moisture...she is swelled up all the time !!

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    Depends on how much dick you suck;)

    Source(s): strippers, hookers that can afford lip tatoos
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