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Christmas Day bombing - where is the disconnect?

I'm just listening to President Obama now admitting again that the Christmas Day bombing was a result of intelligence failure and breakdown of the security systems we now PAY BILLIONS of $$ for.

Yet, I just heard in the media that Washington is not, at this time, intending to hold anyone accountable for it. Nobody will be fired in the near future over this incident.

Instead, we will spend hundreds of millions, if not billions on body scanners, and we will subject law abiding citizens to dangerous radiation.

So instead of correct the problem .... we:

1. continue to pay big $$$$ for the security and intelligence that FAILED, and

2. pay new $$$ in the hundreds of million or possible billions, for new scanning equipment, and

3. further erode the privacy of law abiding citizens

Are we not paying double? How far can this pattern go on before it bankrupts us?

Who profits from it?

Didn't the government learn after September 11, 2001? The intelligence failure was admitted then but nobody was held accountable, and nobody fired. Instead, people in key intelligence and defense positions at the time we PROMOTED.

Instead of holding them accountable and correcting failed defense and intelligence systems, we embarked on global war and the dismantling of the Bill of Rights?

Does it make sense to you to keep funding, and increasing funding for, a failed security apparatus without holding anyone accountable ... and instead, continue to dismantle individual liberties when it has been clearly proven that the dismantling of liberties has not solved the problem?

Is this how you would manage your household budget?

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    I don't think it is supposed to make sense...which is why there are 2 levels to this debate: the first is the artificial reasons why their are security breaches and the other is the entire disconnect with the entire war on terror to begin with!

    Of the first, I think it isn't either the security policies and directives of these agencies or Obama that is too blame but rather their implementation by a less than average workforce performing those tasks.

    Think about it, we have people with high school diplomas in charge of ensuring that every little minute piece of data is up to date and relayed to the right people at all times. The job is hard enough for the most skilled, concentrated, and adaptive mind let alone someone with average intelligence and pay that cannot wait to get home to watch a favorite tv show or play video games. It is the only explanation possible for this level of ineptitude.

    For example, after this Xmas attempt, the TSA cameras at Newark were found to not be recording when some guy shut down the entire terminal by walking the wrong way into an exit only location. If that was bad enough, they had not been recording for nearly a week since the 27th! That is at Newark so just imagine what is going on in the other airports...

    I think that a generation of an education system and society that does not even pretend to teach critical thinking and initiative is reaping the rewards of it.

    On the other level, though the masses of people working in the 'field' are incompetent, I am quite certain that the policy makers, the ones behind the scenes, know exactly what they are doing. The leaders of several western nations, including the US and UK, are complicit in a policy that encourages animosity, enables profit, and relinquishes our freedoms for the sake of their multi-national corporate sponsors.

    All this is a great way to control more of the private lives of people and make a buck in the process. The security industries and all their new equipment are happy now; just like the auto sector, the banking and wall street sectors, and health-insurance ones were/are when they got their piece of the tax payer pie.

    If terrorists wanted to kill us they could plan an attack anywhere in the world, not just those countries listed and the new scanners don't prevent someone from concealing something in a skin-like contour anyway. Can't wait to here about the next moron who is going to pack a dildo in his pants with some device in there! What are we going to do then, call him the dildo bomber and have everyone drop their pants!? At some point, the terrorists can simply attack the security personel. Then what? Move it to the outside of the airport and screen everyone at their car!? Traffic will be backed up 5 miles and it would take you longer to fly 500 miles rather than drive it! Yet, I wonder, why is it that the terrorists do not do even more damage than they do given how 'serious' of a threat they are made out to be!? They are out there to kill and yet they don't fire surface to air missiles at our choppers, planes, and drones. They are everywhere, including Yemen/Somalia for more than 2 decades yet we don't have hundreds of thousands of troops there. We are not even publically there at all. Is it a coincidence that those places are not as profitable to exploit?

    Think about it...the fate of the free western world depends on not allowing Al Qiada back into Afghanistan but all it will take and all we are committed to is a few years and and a competent Afghan Army!? Even if Al Qiada is out of there, when the 911 attacks were planned, the operators were from all over the world living and sleeping anywhere from Virginia to Hamburg. Taking out some monkey bars in the desert is going to do what eactly. Even if we station a trooper or an eye on every street in our current war zones, it isnt going to stop some guy in Berlin or Atlanta who might not be happy with our new interference from planning an attack. Are we going to be everywhere!? This makes no sense at all, it is too bad none of us have any left either. The strategy so far looks like it is to increase the recruiting of terrorists to continue being able to profit, it certainly isnt ending terrorism or bringing peace.

    Source(s): As for the intelligence community and the CIA, there was a report just released that stated the following: "The report said U.S. intelligence officials and analysts were "ignorant of local economics and landowners, hazy about who the power-brokers are and how they might be influenced, incurious about the correlations between various development projects ... and disengaged from people in the best position to find answers." "The vast intelligence apparatus is unable to answer fundamental questions about the environment in which U.S. and allied forces operate and the people they seek to persuade." This type of complete incompetence is hard to fathom on either levels!. The intelligence communities, if you can call them that these days, are just like every other agency and corporate conglomerate: They are a business out to make a profit. If people still can't see the writing on the wall, I don't know what it will take.
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    The answer is really simple. Government is the only area where failure is not punished, it is rewarded.

    Had the security failure been the result of the airlines (who are really responsible for the safety of passengers, not government), someone would have been fired, and possibly arrested if criminal negligence resulted in deaths or injury). But when government fails, they demand and get more money, and more power.

    This is the history of the public schools. Because they are run by government, there is no competition. Money is not a factor. After all, it's taxpayers' money. The taxpayers pay, and the politicians control. The result, and extremely expensive service that delivers a deficient product.

    Travel safety is another example. The safety of the passengers is the task of the carrier. When government gets involved, we can expect great expense, abuse of our freedoms, and failure. Get government out of the airline safety business. Abolish the TSA.

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    The best part of your question is right in the middle. "Who profits from it?"

    Who makes the scanners? Surveillance cameras all over this country are provided by Lockheed Martin. This includes the red light cams at intersections. The military industrial complex. The stockholders of these corporations. The same corporations that lobby congress benefit from terrorism at our expense. The same people that benefited from war and terror during the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Regan, Carter, Nixon, and LBJ administrations. Just add Obama on this one to round it all out.

    The losers are Americans and indeed every sovereign being on the planet. We are being weeded out and separated like so much cattle getting ready for the kill.

    I may sound over the top, but guess what? I'm not.

    This is the reality of our world now and the noose is being tightened around the neck of all good people. This also includes all of the people that believe there is still a middle class to be saved. Sorry, we are all becoming slaves to pay the debt for all of this ridiculous spending, back to the international bankers that do nothing but make money from the misery of the world.

    OK. I'm done.

    Source(s): Reality.
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    Who says our intelligence 'failed?'

    I think this incident did just what it was intended to do... It got the nation's focus off Health care reform, and got that off the TV. Our government needed a distraction. Did they create one? Hard to say, but it was extremely convenient for that to happen when it did. Nobody even got hurt this time.

    I don't understand what the fetish is with attacking air travel. With our virtually wide open Southern border, they could sneak almost anything into America to pull off a wide range of major attacks on big fat juicy soft targets that could cripple us. They haven't done that. If they are so out to get America, and kill American's then why not? This one simple fact is why terrorism doesn't make any sense to me beyond being political means(black op's maybe?) to a political end.

    We as Americans should hold ourselves responsible for our own security as we are supposed to be a free nation. If we don't we will lose our freedom!

    One important fact that gets swept under the carpet is that the attempts in America since 9/11 (including this one) were stopped by unarmed citizens, and not by some John Rambo Fed superhero, (OR THE PATRIOT ACT). If guns were accepted in our society, and legal for society to openly carry, what terrorist would have the balls to even try something like this?

    As history has proven time after time, when a nation's citizens turn to it's government for it's 'safety', it is only a matter of time before they become it's subjects.

    Far as wasteful spending goes, this is but one grain of sand on the beach of wasteful spending.

    But then again...Fascism doesn't come cheap.

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    There is no real security. The idea to subject everyone to a system of guilty-until-proven-innocent system is a "police state". The idea of no accountability for the police state is tyranny and abuse. This is not a republic. This is a failed republic that goes on the hands of the older generations payed for by the blood of the future generations. I won't be a part of it. Even if it means prison, I will resist!

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    This is exactly why big governments are not the way to go.

    When it's not your own money, you spend recklessly without careful planning.

    Furthermore, government bureaucracies are ridiculously inefficient and frustrating. Essentially, this all comes down to the problem of a big and growing government.

    Besides, I'm sure that nobody gives a rat's a** about their own personal liberties anymore. They're all just a bunch of sheep brainwashed by celebrity gossip and mass media.

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    Security did not fail because the bombing was stopped. 9/11 was a failure. We continue to learn from our lapses in the system . Keep in mind that the Republicans constantly complain, but they offer no better solutions.

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    -With US, the American People. The Reality IS; NO System of Anything- is entirely "foolproof". And in a World filled with as MANY "Fools" as this One has, there is NO WAY- you're going to stop Every Single Idiot- whose bound & determined to kill as MANY people as possible- from succeeding in His mission. Every once in awhile- ONE is GOING to "leak through" & BAD Things are GOING to happen... People are GOING to Die. So we can Blame anyone we want- about what happened over Christmas... And put ALL the security measures in the World "in place"- to keep Our Air, Sea & Highways "safe..." But sooner OR later, some Ingenious "Idiot" ( aka "Terrorist" ) is going to explode His way into Our history Books... And there will be NOTHING we can do to stop him... Such is Life... -So let's get a GRIP, & get ON with Our Lives... Blaming ANYone- protects NO One. :(

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    One is a Christian not a problem for critics the other a Muslim a problem for Critics.

    CAIR Representive went on the Factor last night If we continue to Profile Muslims We will lose the war on Terror, go to the CAIR website and be careful with the profiling here.

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    NO Accountability:

    Water-board Torture = must not look back, can only looks forward...

    Xmas Bomb Attempt= not interested in placing any security blame...

    W.H. Party crashers= he was "unhappy" with everybody involved...

    Blackwater contracts= million$ on privately hired killers, priceless...

    Transparency of a Liar = The Accountability of a Coward.....

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