What are the chances of my children having Tourette syndrome?

Im planning to have a family in the future. Both of us dont have this syndrome. However, her mother does from her grandpa. Only blinking eyes. What are the chances of passing this on? Also, if it is passed on would it only be blinking eyes or could it be other symptoms of this same syndrome?

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  • Ellen
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    1 decade ago
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    Were you aware that there is a National Tourette Syndrome Association? I would suggest contacting them and asking these questions.

  • Nikki
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    1 decade ago

    Well if a parent has it there's a 50% chance that the kid will get it. I don't know about other family members. But since Your grandpa has it, there is a higher chance of the kid getting it. As for how severe it is, that can't be determined. Usually people have mild cases of tourette's such as eye blinking. But sometimes, tics can get severe... but this is rare. But don't let tourette's stop you from having a family. Tourette syndrome isn't the worst thing in the world and there are very successful people with TS in the world.

    Find out more about tourette's here:


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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    confident you'll be able to. I definitely have it an no person in my relatives has ever had any alerts of it. i'm doubtful the way it happens, no count if it may. And my toddlers have a 50% replace of having it now. And in simple terms a pair of FYIs for people answering this question... Tourette Syndrome isn't a psychological ailment and it may't be cured by using way of yoga. If that grew to become into the case, i could have been cured years interior the previous.

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