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Miami University: Oxford Campus (ohio)?

So, I'm looking into colleges to transfer to next year, Miami University being one of them. I've heard a lot of both good and bad things about the school. Like that they're a really good school, but you wont fit in if your not in the upper class. Now, I wanna know what you guys have heard/think about the school. About me, I love rural areas, want to major in zoology, and I don't drink. I know the 1st two are great for this university, but I'm not too sure about the last one. Do you think Miami University is a good school for me?

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    Wow! I was in exactly your position way back when in the 1980s. I transferred to Miami (Ohio) and successfully finished my degree there.

    In spite of the fact that is a state school with less costly tuition, I found most of my peers were affluent, suburban white kids from the larger metro areas of Ohio. There was a huge amount of racism and elitism, which definitely turned me off.

    It is a big frat/sorority school with the accompanying emphasis on socializing and drinking to excess. If you don't join one of these, you are going to be considered an inferior. There is no much else going on in town (Oxford is a very small town), so a lot of people leave to go to Cincinnati for kicks. As a sophomore transfer, I found that everyone who had been there from the previous year had already found their own cliques and were very unfriendly. Thankfully, I had a few friends from high school as well as some fellow transfers to bond with.

    Hope that helps!

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    i'm at Miami acceptable now and that i HATE it. I won't go into each and every of the small print because of fact it may be thank you to long, yet i can reply to your question regarding the music branch. i'm no longer a music considerable, yet I play the harp and that i've got run into lots of problems with the dep.. in case you play a greater mainstream tool you will probable be ok, yet I wasn't even allowed to test for the orchestra. i do no longer understand how Miami's application ranks, yet i understand the administration has been taking funds from the music branch in the process the previous few years. My instructor says that each and every of the prepare rooms are going to be moved to three different development. i understand Miami is probable greater respected than Akron, yet my reviews there have been decrease than passable. Seeing as their music application is dwindling, i could propose you come across an stronger college.

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