How can I creat good quality images for creatng html websites?

If you have an HTML website, you have a folder for images. I am trying to create an HTML website by writing the code. I create the images in Microsoft word 2007 and copy them into the Paint program and save them as JPG or GIF but still the quality is poor when I view them on the Web page. There must be an application or something which the professional developers use to create their images for html websites. Please help me on this. Thank you.

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    In general when you load a page with multiple images the size of the total page will increase and this may slow down the system or page opening time.

    But we have to add more image.

    Some of our experiences:


    you can use the tools free. So please read the help files before using it to get 100% utilization of the tools.

    Also when you upload the images in FTP / HOSTING please create a separate folder for images. so that your working efficiency will increase.

    This will help you to add more images and it wont affect the speed of the web page.


    Flash image implementation is best for easy opening of web-pages and it wont be a hindrance towards page opening. You will get real resolution.

    for that you can use the free slide show maker software:



    1.(if you want any size also you can decide through these tools) Create thumbnails to a particular size for example 100x100, and when the user clicks it let it enlarge to the full size.

    2. Image optimization implementation.

    That is when you like to add bigger images and when it goes more than certain KB you have to optimize it. Or other wise the web-page may slow down.

    The following tolls will help you to optimize the images, resizing, cropping etc.

    1. (This requires DOT NET version 2 or 3 at least) You can re-size to a particular width and height. Even 1000 images at a single click. But you show practice the buttons of this software. But highly useful.

    2. This site will help you to re-size, crop, color and still more. But the site will be slow in beginning to load but quit fast in work.

    3. To make round corner images of any size, and with any background colors.

    4.… to reduce the weight of the image. Highly useful tool.

    The above tools all are FREE.and its a plus point. You need not to purchase anything.


    If you want HTML codes how to implement images you can visit

    if you want a FREE HTML editor

    if you want a FREE WYSISWYG website designing software just visit and istall it.. all options are with this... After creating the page finally RIGHT CLICK on the page you designed and you can get the total PAGE HTML.

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